Earth is a Schoolroom!

By Rev. Carol Cobb

Rev Carol CobbEARTH IS A SCHOOLROOM. We are here to learn lessons have our tests, balance our karma, and complete our divine plan. We have been given all the tools to achieve success. As they say, “The ball is in our court.”

We have to make choices about how we want to react to our tests, and our reaction is how the masters grade us!!!!

Our attitude is our altitude—our altitude is our state of consciousness. Our goal is to stay connected to our I AM Presence, the all power of God within us! Of course, this takes work.

When we are in a positive state of consciousness we are one with the heart of God and we are happy coming up with new ideas. We are living the abundant life!

When we are kicking curbs and complaining and being critical of ourselves and others, we are disconnected from our I AM Presence and find ourselves one with the mass consciousness, and nothing seems or feels right.

Remember, we are responsible because we are making choices about how we want to conduct ourselves and the attitude we will project.

I truly don’t know how people cope with life without the power of prayer. As a young girl, my mother would always tell me, “God will always answer your prayers.”

When friends or relatives come to us, the best way we can help them is to give them practical advice, introduce them to our favorite prayer, and let them know that they have to do this. We can pray with them, however, the only one who can create change in someone else’s life is their self!

Here are some of my favorite affirmations:
“Oh God, you are so magnificent!”
“Thou the all, I the nothing.”
“In the immaculate heart of Mary I trust!”
“Something wonderful is going to happen!”
“I am experiencing God’s healing energy pouring through each cell and atom of my entire body!”

Violet Flame For Real Change

We have been given the greatest gift from the heart of Saint Germain, the violet flame! The violet flame is a high frequency light that we can use to create change in our life. I have been using the violet flame for 35 years and I could tell you story after story of how the violet flame has healed me and my family!

I was married for 48 years before my husband made his transition, and I used it daily to take the rough edges off our relationship—and it worked!

My dad had heart disease and 4 bypasses. The doctors showed us an image of all these black spots around his heart and said that it was cancer. “Just take him home and let him eat anything he wants, there is nothing we can do for him.”

Then I introduced my dad to the violet flame and asked if he would give it a try for 30 days. He did, and I suggested that at the same time he visualize the violet flame washing away all those black spots around his heart. My dad lived and was healthy for 12 years, and he did not pass on from heart disease!

Life is a school room. Let’s use our time wisely and keep a high level of consciousness.

Remember, your attitude is your altitude.

We are one!

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