Making the Trek to a Retreat’s Physical Co-ordinates

Banff and Lake Louise – Physical Co-ordinates of a Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood

By Marcia Beese

I have the blessing of working full time in Member and Guest Services at the Inner Retreat here at headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse, and I live nearby. Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week in Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. This has been a dream I’ve had for many years. What a gift this proved to be.

Bow River at Banff
Bow River at Banff

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are magnificent, and many of the ranges have active glaciers so the scenery of the majestic mountains with white caps is something to enjoy.

Banff and Lake Louise are about an hour’s drive apart. Being surrounded by the pine trees, lush vegetation and towering mountain ranges as backdrop gives us an opportunity to anchor our focus into the divine.

Guidebooks will tell you all the high points “not to miss.” Many of these are hiking trails, venturing deep into nature, trekking in the mountains, enjoying the lakes and rivers. One can certainly sense the elementals of the four kingdoms who tend the waterways, the mountains, trees and wildlife.

Lake Louise from bee hive hike
Lake Louise from bee hive hike

As we were approaching Banff on our arrival, and later in the week as we traveled to Lake Louise, I could feel the heightened electric energy and the presence of Archangel Michael and Faith and the blue lightning angels. If only I could see beyond the end of my nose to the etheric octave!

There was no question, we were on sacred ground.

This year, 2017, marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Park system. In honor of this event, the entrance fee to all the Canadian national parks is free! This got the attention of throngs of people. Traffic and parking was a bit challenging and there were people everywhere. What I noted was that most were Asians, Europeans or from the Middle East or other parts of the world. And the accompanying languages were more commonly heard than English!

We soon learned that it was necessary to be out of the house by 6 AM and on the way to our destination if we were going to get near our destination and secure a parking place. It was well worth it.

glaciers above Lake Louise
Glaciers above Lake Louise

I found it was an interesting “opportunity” to balance the very concentrated people/shops/traffic/outer activity and accompanying intensity with the inner call to go within and focus on the presence of the Temple of Faith and Protection, to be quiet and serene, still and at peace.

In reflecting on this experience, I am realizing that our regular life on the path is comparable to what I experienced. We have the outer requirements of our daily lives and work. And we have the parallel inner walk of maintaining our connection with our hearts, our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence.

We know that this area in Canada is the physical coordinate of the retreat of Archangel Michael and Faith. This description of the retreat is quoted from The Masters and Their Retreats.

The Temple of Faith and Protection is in the etheric realm over Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Archangel Michael and Faith are the hierarchs of this retreat, the home of legions of blue-lightning angels who come from the four corners of the universe to serve a planet in travail. Bands of angels serving under the archangels of the other six rays also gather here, where great conclaves of the angelic hosts are held under the sponsorship of Michael, Prince of the Archangels.

The temple is round, inlaid with gold, diamonds and sapphires. There are four entrances marking the twelve, three, six and nine o’clock lines of focus, forming a square platform beneath the temple. Each entrance has a forty-foot golden door, approached by forty-nine steps. Blue sapphires adorn the fountains and white marble benches surround the temple.

The pyramid-shaped altar is made of white and blue diamonds; the color of the flame ranges from a deep sapphire blue to a pastel, almost white shade. The seats that surround the altar in concentric rings accommodate thousands of angels. Two large balconies form circular rings inside the temple, as Archangel Michael says, “for standing room only.” The flame in the center rises towards the golden dome, which is studded with blue sapphires on the outside and blue diamonds on the inside.”

A gift that I received during this pilgrimage was the realization that Archangel Michael is a close friend, as close as you want him to be, as you compel him into your aura and your life by your dedication and by your focus. This can be so with any master, and you don’t have to travel beyond your own home and altar to reach our heavenly friends.

Upper falls in Johnston Canyon near  Banff
Upper falls in Johnston Canyon near Banff

You don’t need to travel to the physical coordinate of a retreat of the Great White Brotherhood to draw close to an ascended master or archangel. Making the connection a priority in your life, doing the decrees and calls, having a picture, and studying the dictations are ways you can forge and strengthen the connection between your heart and that of our heavenly intercessors. For Archangel Michael, we have our daily devotions of giving his decrees for minutes each morning, and we have Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Armageddon. Even the giving the “Traveling Protection” is a way to compel the blue lightning angels into our time and space.

Hail, Archangel Michael and Faith!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience Marcia and the beautiful photos capture the essence of the colours of Archangel Michael and Faith retreat and the legions of blue lighting angels –

  2. Thank You Marcia for sharing your visit to Banff and Lake Louise and your love for Archangel
    Michael. I enjoyed a brief visit in January 2002 and a peaceful walk around the Lake. Recently Lake
    Louise and Archangel Michael have been on my mind and I have been trying to find photos and
    posters. Your photos are beautiful and capture the power and essence . Will you make them into
    posters and have them available through the Bookstore ?

    Geraldine Gauer
    Louisville KY

  3. Thank you, Marcia!

    Can always feel the love of your heart through your divine expressions. Delighted to experience your wonderful trip!

    Truly our oneness with the Masters, The Brotherhood is real and can be experienced every day, as we walk this blessed Path. Thank you for your love, always! Peace & Aloha

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