How I Found the Teachings in England

By Rahul Sharma

flags of India and United Kingdom

I was born and raised in England. I come from quite a staunch Hindu background. When I was 18 years old, I was attending a healer. He once put in a tape to play. He said there’s going to be a lot of people, and they are going to be saying: “I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires” and they are going to be saying it again and again, and fast, and I want you to keep saying it with me.

Well we did that for one minute, but we did not need to go on for that long. After about ten seconds of doing the strange ‘sentences,” I felt the high vibration that I had never felt, and I knew my life’s search had ended!
Up until age 18, only one lifetime had ever been revealed to me. Since I started doing the violet flame, every year one lifetime has been revealed to me – at least! Some of my Hindu family cannot understand why something different and foreign from what their ancestors have been doing for so long was needed.

I was inspired by the USA long before I found the teachings at age eighteen. Since I was about five years old, I wanted to move to the USA, and particularly to Colorado Springs. I could not pinpoint any reason at all. I had never been to the USA and knew of no one in or anything about Colorado Springs! I now know that Colorado Springs was one of the centers established by Mark Prophet.

I used to have a recurring dream all my life of being a Red Indian and riding horses on the plains, hunting buffalo and always blessing the food before we ate it. We lived in peace and in harmony with Nature and with each other. This life-long recurring dream ceased immediately from the first time I visited the King Arthur’s Court.

The Teachings Help Me Understand Hinduism Better

The Hindus have a story thousands of years old and well known, that when the women in India went away to bathe in the river naked, Krishna quietly snuck up and stole their clothes and wouldn’t give them back until they begged him in a prayerful attitude.

When I heard this story I thought “that’s disgusting, how could a so called God do something like that?” So I asked lots of Hindus, friends and family how could Krishna do that? I also asked Hindu priests. Everyone just replied that Krishna was naughty when he was young. I still wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

In our teachings Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Mother) writes about this exact story. She says that all of our power, protection and virtue come from God, and that we can only reclaim them by humbly returning back to God. Something clicked inside of me. Now it all made sense.

Ironically I found that the Hindus did not understand much about their own religious heritage. It was almost like starving to death while being surrounded with food. I had found the correct and full answer much later and thousands of miles away from a little white women – Mother. My understanding of Hinduism was strengthened from this unlikely place. New and useful messages can come from unexpected places – at least for those who have eyes to see.

The Hindu tradition has high love frequency, but there was something not quite right. I didn’t believe in the caste system from as far back as I can remember. It didn’t seem right or fair to me at all, even though our family comes from the very highest Hindu caste.

My grandfather, who taught me much of what I know about Hinduism, was the best expert on it that I have known. Everyone used to say that he had encyclopedic knowledge. However when I told him that I didn’t agree with the caste system and that Mahatma Gandhi fought against it all his life, all my grandfather could say was ‘anyway, sensible people still believe in it.’

Our teachings tell us that Jesus publicly spoke out against the caste system when he went to Kashmir. I am left wondering why India has still not corrected itself, even after thousands of years. Sometimes I feel that my fellow countrymen are slower to change than the average westerner. Or, as Voltaire said, “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna realizes some of his elders are not fighting on the side of Good, and he must carve a slightly different path if he wants to stay with God. This gives him an internal dilemma which he finds dramatic and traumatic. And so it is that from time to time one must check those belief systems that are long-held, those things that are closest to thee, and yes even those people who are closest to thee.

Even Mark Prophet originally told El Morya to go away. It was three years before he asked him back. So I guess we can all be forgiven if we are sometimes not as open minded as we should be. Mark Prophet talked about the USA being the great country that people know of, and India being the greatness people don’t know about.

Sanat Kumara is Indian and he is revered by all of the Hindus. But it was only from our teachings I first read the story of how the Karmic Board decided it was time to terminate experiment planet Earth; and so Sanat Kumara came to Earth with the 144,000 and Earth was destined to be saved. This story literally brought tears to my eyes and I am by no means a tearful person. The old soul memory had been awakened. Something I had not read in Hinduism, nor heard from the Hindu people. Yet again the teachings of the Summit Lighthouse had ignited something inside of me. This is how the teachings have been for me: a constant revelation, inspiration and elation.

Oxford spires in Cambridge

I and many of our chelas in England have either lived or studied in Oxford. Oxford is known as the “city of dreaming spires.” It is the place where both El Morya and Kuthumi lived when in embodiment. And so it is that we find ourselves treading the path of our Masters, often in the literal physical sense as well.

My life has not been any easier since I joined the teachings; but the Summit Lighthouse tells us that we going through ongoing and accelerated tests; and this never ends. And I have never found any teaching as inspiring, before or since. So I am still here. So this ends of the story of how I found the teachings, in states of meditation, learning and decreeing.

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  1. Thank you Rahul for posting this. You gave me insights that I didn’t have regarding the Hindu religion.
    I am so glad that you found the teachings when you did and have been a steadfast follower all these years.

  2. Hi Rahul, Thank You for this beautiful story, -so lovely you share your path to the heart of the Mother. Now I also know you better, my old friend. So good to see you in Exeter!

  3. Wonderful story and witness Rahul. I have known you all these years but not known your story. Fascinating indeed. Best wishes, Neroli

  4. Thank you Rahul for sharing this such an inspirational and uplifting story about your spiritual journey. It strikes a special chord. There are many threads woven together beautifully that touch the heart.
    Jaspal Soni

  5. Rahul thank you for sharing your story. It was beautiful and very true.
    Yes at present I live in Oxford and it’s always a reminder that the Masters have been in most places in England and the UK. Tara Persad

  6. Sometimes one will look at, read or hear something and there is a personal sensation deeply felt inside that is a witness to beauty and truth and I thank you for your life story because it touched me so. Love to Dear England.

  7. Thank you for sharing (your heart), Rahul

    Such a beautiful telling of your life story!

    May God bless you all the way Home . . . Always Victory!!!

  8. Hello Rahul,

    I love to read the stories about how each person came into the Teachings – so unique and precious indeed! Thank-you for sharing – and also for the wonderful insights and comments as well…

    Love and God bless,

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