Victory O Victory Help Us Keep The Flame With Thee

By Sis. Elizabeth St Clare

Washington DC TC altar

The song Victory O Victory has been rolling around my head for days. If you have the new book The Mandate of Victory by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet be sure to read the Prologue written by Rev. Carla Groenewegen, Director, Summit University. The Prologue tells us how to plan our Victory Spiral. In the book, Mighty Victory takes us step by step through the Victory Spiral. I would like to share a real-life Victory Spiral with you.

The Summit Lighthouse of Washington, D.C. has achieved a Mighty Victory. We moved to a new location and gained 1100 square feet for few dollars more. You might ask how did we do this in the Washington, D.C. area? We created a Victory Spiral.

First, we planned our move in the Etheric Stage by visualizing how to serve our mission. “Our mission is to publish and apply the teachings delivered by the Ascended Masters to their Messengers Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their anointed successors in order to restore the original one-on-one relationship between the soul and God and to liberate the souls of planet earth.”
Rev. Bonita Frazier led us in a treasurer mapping session where we identified all the things we wanted to serve the light. We then made a blueprint and created a decree. This led us to the second stage the Mental Stage.

Washington DC TC treasure map

We hired a real estate agent and gave her the requirements from our blueprint. We indicated the general area we wanted to move to and the agent sent us listings. We also empowered the community to bring us addresses of places with For Rent signs so that we could follow-up. The President of the board, Robert Boone, a Community Member Kenneth McGhee, and I, the Vice President of the board, visited several of the listings and places brought by our community.

None of the places seemed to fit. At the suggestion of Bro. Frank Sarlo we ramped up our decrees and had Thursday night sessions dedicated to the move. Part of the decree that we wrote said we would find our place by the end of February. We choose that date because our current lease was up at the end of March.

Yes, we did find our place by the end of February and it is almost an exact match for our blueprint and decree. Then we entered the Emotional Stage. I was a real estate agent for 10 years and every transaction I was involved in had emotional aspects. The Washington, D.C. Community Teaching Center was no exception to the emotional aspects. We had complete faith that this was our place. We had many things to work through in the emotional stage and our vision, and unstoppable purpose kept us on track.

After we resolved our emotional aspect we reached the final stage the Physical Stage. We began our move to our new location Friday night, July 21st. Our first service in our new location was our Saint Germain broadcast on Saturday, July 29th. Revs Kenneth and Bonita Frazier anchored the light on Sunday, July 30th. We have a Mighty Victory for the light. Victory, Victory, Victory.

Come see us if you are in town. We would love to see you. Our address is 5110 Roanoke Place, Suite 101, College Park, MD. Our telephone number is 240-391-6949.

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  1. Thank you so much for your insightful sharing. I also feel much closer to Mighty Victory since reading his new book!!
    And was overjoyed to realized that he is on the same line of the clock as MY birthday!! He speaks just as I do. As an example: when I arrived in New York from Switzerland I called up my friend Janet who I believe was at work at the time, her roommate told her later that I had called, and described me as: “She speaks in completed sentences.” So when I read Mighty Victory’s dictations, that thought occurs to me!! He too speaks in completed sentences or thoughts…:)

  2. Fantastic news and wonderful witness to Mighy Victory. He seems to be a really busy master these days. Love and Always Victory.

  3. Praise God! Mighty Victory never fails!
    You must have architects and artists in your group as those drawings are magnificent! Bonita please help us with a treasure map too!

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