Sharing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in India: Part 3

By Rev. Jaspal Soni and Rev. Lois Drake

violet flameDuring the preceding months of June and July in El Morya’s Garden, we discussed two of the three pillars of the ascended masters’ teachings and how we employ them in India, namely: (1) the knowledge of the I AM THAT I AM; (2) the application of the Science of the Spoken Word; and (3) the transmutation qualities of the violet flame. In this installment, we will address the third pillar and how we approach it in our outreach work in India.

Third Pillar The Transmutation Qualities of the Violet Flame

Our interaction with people has revealed to us that the term ‘violet flame’ is relatively unknown to a majority of the people in India. Additionally, we have also learned that a small percentage within this group have an in-depth understanding about the transmutation qualities of the violet flame. There are several New Age and alternative spiritual groups in India who use healing therapies such as angel healing, theta healing, crystal healing, pranic healing, reiki, vastu, tarot card reading, etc. Sadly, as in most countries including India’s twin-flame nation—the United States, the miraculous blessings of the violet flame have not yet captured the attention of the masses. And most people have not heard the name of beloved Saint Germain, the sponsor of the violet flame dispensation to mankind on earth!

Building Bridges 1: Through the Hindu god of Agni

Agni, god of fireIn every country, with India as no exception, the question arises: How can we find common ground that will enable us to build solid bridges for introducing violet flame to the populace? Interestingly, the people in India know very well about spiritual fire or “Agni” which is a commonly used term there. Agni is considered to come from the mouths of the gods and goddesses, and fire is the physical medium that is used to convey offerings to the deities in Hindu rituals. Agni remains an integral part of Hindu traditions, such as the last rites, traditional Hindu weddings, and many festivals such as Diwali (festival of lights). Fire is also a common element in various temple ceremonies.

Agni in Sanskrit connotes the Vedic god of Fire in Hinduism. In the Vedic pantheon, the god Agni occupies one of the most important positions. Agni is prominent in the hymns of the Vedas. In the Rig Veda there are over 200 hymns that praise Agni. His name—or synonyms—appear in nearly a third of 1,028 hymns in the Rigveda.* The hymns do not mention any particular color of the Agni.

Building Bridges 2: Through the Heart of Shiva

Shiva NatarajaNataraja,”the lord of dance”, is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. The images of Shiva show him dancing while holding Agni (fire) in his left back hand. He is surrounded by a ring of flame depicted as his auric emanations. The ring of fire is typically depicted without any coloration in it.

Enter the Violet Flame!

Enter the violet flame to this baseline understanding of Agni through the doorway of progressive revelation as unveiled by beloved Saint Germain. This knowledge of the color of Agni as violet helps people to accept the violet flame with much greater ease when they identify it with Shiva as his personal auric emanations. Additionally, since the devotion to the fire element is deeply rooted in the Hindu belief system, it becomes easier for them to accept the teachings about the violet flame.

Experience the Violet Flame Decrees

The Ascended Masters encourage their students to experience the true joy of the violet flame by giving the decrees dictated by their Messengers Elizabeth and Mark L. Prophet for at least 15 minutes a day. During our workshops, we dedicate 50% of the allocated time for this purpose. We have found that since English is a second language in India, it helps to explain the meaning of each word of the decree in Hindi before beginning the decrees in a group. This step does help us in untold ways.


In conclusion, we offer our heart-felt gratitude to the ascended hosts and our beloved Gurus, Mark and Mother and the Holy Spirit for taking us by the hand and guiding us every step of the way to the Victory of light in India. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and loving support!


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