Reflections on the 7 Steps to Victory – The Power to Create!

By Karen Brewer

Saint Germain On AlchemyThe power to create is the gift of God to his sons and daughters. It is God’s empowerment for our alchemical precipitation of the Victory—after setting our goal and connecting to our I AM Presence. And the power to create is the key to the victory of America! Saint Germain—the master alchemist—teaches us in his book on the science of precipitation (Saint Germain On Alchemy) that precipitation begins with our conscious awareness and acceptance that we are co-creators with God. By accepting God’s gift and his empowerment, we are free to create, but according to the will of God.

The will of God is the divine covenant between God and man to create “according to the patterns of the heavens.” As Thomas Kempis’ wrote in The Imitation of Christ, “Man proposes, but God disposes.” The will of God is a sacred formula and divine geometry to create according to the divine plan. By surrendering our creative power to create after God’s will and divine plan, we are always the victorious ones. Why? Because God’s Will encompasses the entire spiritual-material cosmos and not just our Lilliputian world!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches us in “Inner Perspectives” that “Alignment with the will of God is what will give us conscious cooperation with the invisible world and with the invisible hierarchy.” And Saint Germain further illuminates: “The creation of the visible is wholly dependent upon those essences that are not visible to the unaided eye.” So as alchemists we need the resources of heaven and the geometry of perfection and beauty held in the Mind of God to create after the “patterns of the heavens.”

We have the gift of the Mind of God to discern the divine patterns for ourselves, our families and the planet. As Manjushri reminded us in 1994: “You have the Mind of God!” How do we access our Higher Mind? One way is to ask God, “Let that mind be in me which was in Christ Jesus.” Another way is to meditate upon God’s law and the pure designs of God found in nature, in the beauty of classical music, art and sculpture, the smile of a friend, or a beautiful day. The visualization of pure ideas is a magnet to attract the creative energies of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the pattern held in mind. Archangel Raphael suggests, “That which you desire to be you must see and visualize at least once a day. You must hold the thoughtform in mind as something you are not only approaching but you are also filling in with light.”

How do you become a master of precipitation? Saint Germain teaches: “If you will create according to God’s plan, his will and in his image and likeness, God will restore to you, when you prove yourself to be an alchemist with reverence for life, the full science that you had in the beginning when you were with God in the Garden of Eden.”

currency sealThe power to create is the gift of God to his sons and daughters. We are intended to be co-creators with God. So let’s create the Golden Age on earth! The Golden Age is already in full manifestation in the etheric octave. All we have to do is pull it down. Let’s keep the vision and use the power to create to “Be the Victory,” not only for our own lives, but to precipitate the New Order of the Ages—Novus Ordo Seclorum—the Golden Age. As the Goddess of Liberty has said, “It all depends on you!”

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