The Resurrection Flame

By Betsy Hoppe

Minneapolis - St Paul TC altar
At the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Community Teaching Center a very special immersion into the resurrection flame took place this year of 2017. Beginning in January we began playing “The Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem” sermons on consecutive Sundays. These sermons were dictated by Jesus through his messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1977 (40 years ago,) beginning in January and culminating on Easter Sunday in April that year.

We researched what dictations had been given in tandem with each sermon, as well as all other dictations which had come forth between the beginning and ending dates of this cycle. So we had the 11 sermons plus 20 dictations on our list. Some of the dictations were not available in audio, but were printed in Pearls of Wisdom. Others were available in audio, but not yet published. This spiral of sermons is placed on the cosmic clock, beginning on the 12:00 line and ending on the 11:00 line of victory – Easter Sunday. (Note: sermon 8 has two parts and is assigned both the 7:00 and the 8:00 lines on the clock.)

Six service conductors at our teaching center signed up to plan and conduct Sunday services beginning January 22 and ending Palm Sunday April 9 using these landmark sermons. They were able to select either the actual dictation from the original service of 1977, or could choose another from the list. One of the sermons was divided, and played in two parts on two consecutive Sundays because of its length. We sent out an announcement to our congregation, quoting from the album cover:

“This landmark album contains twelve sermons delivered by Jesus Christ through his Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Through her he unlocks the secrets of his own overcoming victory, revealing the mysteries of the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the ascension as initiations on the path of every son and daughter of God. He unveils the prophecy of the latter days and speaks of the living Church where your soul becomes as the alchemist’s stone, a cell in the mystical body of God. He explains how you can experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the forgiveness of ‘sin’ through the violet transmuting flame. You will learn to establish healing through the wholeness of the Holy Spirit and much more.”

We also let the congregation know that the services would be longer than usual, some more than two hours. Our Sunday services typically last about an hour and a half. Eager souls came to church on these Sundays, arriving early and in their seats by 10:00 am! Jesus spoke to our hearts, and we listened and pondered his messages.

All agreed it was a deep and profound experience. We would encourage other teaching centers and study groups to consider using these wonderful sermons and experience the Easter season in the flame of our Lord’s resurrection.

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