Why I Love My Church

By Rev. Lois Drake

I love my church because you are in it.

Now some people will say this is a movement and that’s right, too. But, if you are reading this, then you are in the movement, so that’s why I love the movement…because you are part of it. After all, The Summit Lighthouse IS the most powerful spiritual resource for Lightbearers on planet Earth. We don’t have to BECOME it. We ARE it.

Think about it, wondrous brothers and sisters of light. There is nothing more awesome than your Christhood, your Buddhahood. We are stars in the making and while all true spiritual paths are filled with beautiful souls, there is nothing that compares to the teachings of the ascended masters through our messengers. Right? I can witness to God in you becoming more of Himself/Herself through your application of these teachings. It gives me tremendous hope. It inspires me to do the same because of the examples I see in you.

By the grace of God, I have the privilege and opportunity to travel far and wide as a volunteer to visit some of our groups and members. Wherever I go I find pillars of light. It might be one person living alone and working at a prison in the middle of nowhere, or it could be someone in Russia tending the altar at a study group day after day or running a Montessori School. It could be people in Phoenix cooking lunch for the folks who come on Sunday. You are anchoring the light doing whatever you do and however you do it. Have you ever met any more dedicated group of individuals who never stop serving?

We have a Board of Directors, Council of Elders, Spiritual Director, President, leadership team and hardworking staff and volunteers who are doing everything they can imagine to let others know about this path and to bring us all together in devotion and fellowship. It is wonderful to be part of a church that changes and evolves according to God’s design and timetable. It is amazing to have the rich treasury of living teachings we can turn to so easily by audio or video. We are eternally grateful to Guru Ma and Lanello.

You cannot imagine what a blessing you are to my life. Thank you for wanting to be here. Thank you for wanting to grow in grace and truth. Even if I’ve never met you, you are part of the fabric of The Summit Lighthouse. I need you. We need you and hope you will share this message of the Mighty I AM Presence whenever you can.

See you at the Summer Events!

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