Southeast Asia Trip 2017, Part 1

A Victory for the Light!

By Rev. Carla Healy


Philippines group photo

SU 2017 - PhilippinesSoutheast Asia received an influx of Light through the teachings of the ascended masters this March starting with Summit University in the Philippines. Seventy-six people basked in the flame of illumination at Understanding Yourself, Part 2 in the Ace Hotel in Pasig City, March 10-12 which was conducted by me, Rev. Carla Healy, Diana Ruhtenberg and Jean Bernard Charles.

The very capable team from the study group had set up a beautiful altar and transformed the conference room into a chalice fitting for the ascended masters and their students. They also skillfully managed all the aspects of the event from registration to AV.

It was a God victory with students reporting transformative experiences and a spiritual recharge. Even some of the servers in the hotel were touched and joined in decrees and came forward to receive the blessing and partake of Holy Communion. Here’s a testimonial from one attendee.

“I think I can also tell you without fear of a confidence being broken that on Saturday and Sunday, I got answers about what to do about certain circumstances I am currently challenged by… I also cast those circumstances into the violet flame for transmutation. I also came away with the specific decrees with which to deal with them daily. Thank you, Thank you. I join our collective thanks to the ascended masters, too.”

Confirmation 2017 - PhilippinesWe had some important firsts in the Philippines this year. The sacrament of confirmation was given for the first time following Summit University. Twenty-five children and adults prepared by studying the lessons and each completing a service project such as beautification of the focus and preparing the children’s program for SU.

Children's Program - Philippines 2017The children’s program was another first. Twenty-five children were lovingly taught about the seven archangels and how to decree by Shiela Dayrit, Maribel Bringas, Albert Banico and Milagros Rosales. It was a joy to watch all twenty-five children give decrees and sing and twirl to the song, “I Am Threefold Flame.” It was especially touching to see seven brothers line up to receive the focus of the seven archangels that was handed out to the children as a special gift at the end.

Rebecca Cabrera the organizer and coordinator reflected afterwards, “I was really happy and contented to watch the idea unfold before my eyes. With the 25 participants whom the angels brought, the loving heart flames of the volunteers, and the flow of the program, it was purely magical to my eyes…The inspiration burning within me that came into being pushed me more to work much better onward and upward to where the Masters will lead us.”

Philippines childrens program - 2017

Another first in the Philippines was a presentation on El Morya to all the teachers and administrators who gathered in the thousand-seat auditorium in Saint Germain’s building of Saint Mary’s School in Valenzuela on Tuesday. I taught about El Morya’s embodiments and the I AM Presence. The owner of the school is a Keeper of the Flame and each morning the students give traveling protection and some other short decrees.

Following this event, we traveled quite swiftly given Manila traffic, to The Summit Lighthouse focus in Pasig for a victory celebration. It was a joyful evening with great food, heart-to heart sharing, discussion of follow-up plans and hearing an astrology update for the Philippines. We even did some violet flame decrees.

Philippines youth retreat - 2017The last and, I believe, more important first for the Philippines and Southeast Asia was the youth retreat. Susie Shimmin joined me and the youth organizers from the Summit Lighthouse Study Group to present “Finding a Higher Love.” It was held in the beautiful retreat setting of Angels Hills Convention Center in Tagaytay. Everywhere you turned there was a statue of an angel, Mother Mary or Jesus and beautiful palm trees and exotic flowers. We were very blessed to also have study group member there praying for the victorious outcome of the retreat. They also loved the setting and joined us at key times.

Philippines youth retreat - 2017Twenty-five youth aged 15 – 42 years engaged in interactive activities and learned about karma, their I AM Presence, the violet flame and the three types of relationship…twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships. It was wonderful to see their joy and creativity as they created skits about the three relationships and were sent out two-by-two with legs tied together to find three items in the gardens experience firsthand being in a relationship. We have fun processing afterwards.

tai-chi classMore than fifty percent of the attendees were new to the teachings of the ascended masters and they loved the retreat. They also greatly appreciated learning about the violet flame. A highlight was a bonfire (a first for many) where we sang, danced and gave violet flame mantras and experienced its swirling action as they put their letters in the bonfire. We also had a very regenerative session of Tai-chi lead by one of our members. Among the top three evaluation responses were unforgettable experience, activities and the venue.

Philippines youth retreat - 2017

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