Southeast Asia Trip 2017, Part 2

A Victory for the Light!

By Rev. Carla Healy


Taiwan - Carla, Nancy Wang and friendsCarla and Susie traveled to Taiwan on March 19. Nancy Wang and her friends lovingly toured them through some beautiful temples in the Taipei area dedicated to Kuan Yin.

There are many temples in Taiwan filled with magnificent statues of Kuan Yin, Buddha, Confucius, the Five Dhyani Buddhas and other deities that anchor a spiritual flame to the busy city of Taipei.

We were so grateful to have this opportunity to experience the flame of Kuan Yin.

Taiwan buddha statue

On Sunday I conducted a one-day workshop, “Alchemy of the Heart” to an enthusiastic group of students. Hui-ching Ho, one of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame who lives in Taipei, did an excellent job of translating. They learned keys on how to open the heart, empower, guard, heal and enter the heart. It was exciting to hear them give the Traveling Protection decree in Chinese for the guarding of the heart. We ended with a dictation by Lord Lanto and a demonstration of how he made his threefold flame glow through his chest so his students could see it.

Taiwan buddha statues

Taiwan seminarThe topic for this workshop was specifically chosen to coordinate with the book launch of “Alchemy of the Heart” in Taiwan. This book, published by New Planet Books, was translated by a Keeper of the Flame there and other Keepers have been involved in the publication process.

This will be the first book published in Chinese since “Lost Teachings of Jesus” in the 1980s. It is a major victory for Keepers of the Flame there.

friend in VietnamVietnam

I next traveled Vietnam. The first night Nanh arranged for a dinner at a Buddhist center with some old friends who are Keepers of the Flame and communicants from my first visit to Vietnam in 2010. It was great to connect with everyone again and enjoy delicious vegetarian food.

Vietnam - dinner with Keepers

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

The workshops that were held on Thursday and Friday evening and the weekend retreat in Ho Chi Minh City were promoted and coordinated by Thuy Nguyen and Anh Le.

At Thuy’s suggestion, the staff at The Summit Lighthouse created a promotional video for the retreat that was posted on the Spiritual Retreat Facebook page. To date almost 10,000 people have been reached with this video.

Twin flame workshop - Vietnam

The Thursday evening workshop at the Om Center was on relationships and the room was packed with young people who were very happy to discover the difference between the three types of relationships. They also gave decrees and asked many questions. The next night many of them returned to hear “Secrets for Prosperity.” They were mostly new students and a number signed up for the weekend retreat as result of the workshops.

The retreat, “Three Keys for Healing and Spiritual Acceleration” was held at the Center for Human Potential. The owner of the center who had attended the two workshops also participated in the weekend retreat. He was excited to learn about the teachings and wanted to hold more events in his center.

Vietnam - learning violet flameForty-five students (many of them new) learned about the violet flame and how to cleanse their chakras to have more energy and to accelerate on the spiritual path. They really enjoyed the skit on how we make karma good and bad. In the picture, you see three people representing the three figures in the Chart of the Presence. I love the way the man representing the I AM Presence has part of the causal body projected around his head.

These students loved the teachings of the ascended masters and asked many questions and did a lot of decrees in English. The retreat was a very holy experience. The light was tangible and at the end one student remarked that she was so touched that she had tears in her eyes. All these events were skillfully translated by Daisy who amazingly kept pace with me over the four days.

Vietnam retreat - 2017

Because of the time it takes translate, we did not get to part three of the retreat “Heal Your Heart and Experience More Love.” I met with the organizers and they decided it was important to keep the momentum by holding webinars. So, I held a four-part webinar on “How to Heal Your Heart.” Again, Daisy did a fantastic job of translating. This series finished a few weeks ago and Anh Le has begun a sound healing group at the Om Center that meets weekly on Monday nights.

It is always an honor and privilege to go on these trips and teach the teachings. It is made possible because of the sponsorship of the ascended masters and the prayers of Keepers of the Flame.

Vietnam group photo - 2017

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