Seminar Report Russia – May 2017

By Rev. Elena Nicholson

Russia Seminar 2017 participants

The nine-day seminar “The Flame of Freedom for Russia” was held near the Russian city of Volgograd from April 29 to May 8, 2017. Volgograd is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Russia. It is located in the south-eastern European part of Russia. The city was built as a fortress on the bank of the Volga River. The city became famous for its resistance during the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II. It is often regarded as the largest and bloodiest battle in the history of warfare. The city was completely destroyed, and more than 2 million Soviet and German soldiers were killed.

After the war, the Soviet authorities commissioned the enormous Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex. It is crowned by a huge allegorical statue of the Motherland on the top of the hill name The Motherland Calls!

In a dictation given on November 23, 1975, at The Greater Way of Freedom, Saint Germain announced a dispensation whereby cosmic beings wearing the “initiatic dress” of the peoples of every nation came forth for the enshrining of freedom, “the quickening of a flame that has not been quickened in ten thousand years,” that souls of light might respond to the teachings of the I AM THAT I AM and that the nations might fulfill their fiery destiny.

Saint Germain said: “I place that flame of freedom in the heart of the Statue of Mother Russia so that all peoples in Russia may identify once again with the Mother of the World—the Mother of the World that is not bound by a state or by a government that is not keeping the government of Christ—but that the people might know that the Mother is the deliverer of the nations, that the Mother is the initiator of the nations, that the Mother is the fire of the holy Kumaras, that the crown of the Mother is the crown of life and the starry diadem of life is the bursting forth of causal bodies of cosmic beings who send forth the ray for the crystallization of the God flame.”

The seminar was conducted by Rev. Elena Nicholson, Irina Savva and Ludmila and Vadim Dolgochub. Almost 100 people attended the seminar from different cities in Russia. Four people were baptized by Rev. Elena Nicholson.

There was a lot of opposition before the seminar, and during the event it was difficult for many people, because we listened to the lectures on Capitalism and Communism that were painful for people who were born in the former Soviet Union.

Russia seminar - Tai chi exercisesThe location for the seminar was great. Every morning at 6 a.m. people started to do Yoga and Tai Chi.

We listened to dictations of Saint Germain, the Goddess of Liberty, Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel, the Great Divine Director, El Morya and Mighty Victory. We worked on material taken from the albums and lectures “The Responsibility of Freedom,” “The Manipulation of Capitalism and Communism,” “Strategies of Peace and War” by Saint Germain, “Psychotronic Weapons” and “The Alchemical Key – 1666”.

Russia seminar 2017We divided into groups to work on the material in more detail and to discuss questions. After the discussions, the presenter from each group shared it with everyone.

We held a novena to Saint Germain during the seminar, and collectively decided to extend it to 33 days. We felt the presence of beloved Saint Germain and our messengers Guru Ma and Lanello and other Ascended Masters throughout the whole seminar.

Group with Motherland Calls statueOn May 5th we visited “The Motherland Calls” monument where we held a short service for the souls who died there during World War II defending their homeland. We then went on a boat cruise on the Volga River.

In addition, we had a talent show and waltzes. Russian people are very fond of these kind of events, so they spontaneously read their own poems, sang and danced.

At the end, we all wrote personal letters to Saint Germain and one joint letter from the entire Russian-speaking community about Freedom for Russia. In this letter we asked Saint Germain to consolidate the flame of Freedom in our country to consume and transmute the cause and core of all negative prophecies, predictions, astrological configurations, social, political and economic problems, the use of psychotronic weapons of all kinds and any forms of enslavement of the people of Russia, as well as the karmic records of the entire history of the existence of our country.

We also asked for the violet flame to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of the violations of the four sacred freedoms, of terrorism, discrimination, abuse of constitutional rights in Russia and everything that cannot enter the Golden Age.

On the final day of the seminar, we held a clearance decree session, and all participants received a third eye blessing by Rev. Elena Nicholson.

Our seminar ended God-Victoriously on May 8th with the dictation of beloved Mighty Victory who passed on to us his Flames of Victory, Freedom and Illumination. Having felt these flames, we finished the seminar on this great note, with readiness to bring that freedom to everyone in Russia and all Russian-speaking countries.

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  1. As I was reading, I felt significant pain & obstacles this group went through.
    Selected program was very advanced in terms of challenging the past/present operation of ICCC and it’s effects on our daily lives.
    At the end it is tremendous victory for everybody individually,for the group and for the Mother Russia. Thank you for your service.
    God Bless you and much love

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