Denver Group Bonds Together with SU Online Group Audit

By Karen Brewer, Summit University Registrar

Denver Study Group audit students

In Fall Semester 2016 the Denver group—7 people, including all 4 board members—enrolled in Summit University’s online course PSYS 1201 Spiritual Psychology 1 using the “Group Audit” option. Driven by a desire to strengthen their board and grow spiritually as individuals and a community, the group enrolled and took the course together.  As one of their group members said:

As a community we came to the realization that the health and potential growth of our community was dependent upon us coming up higher. In order to do that we needed to understand our own personal psychology. We determined that a group effort to understand ourselves better could alter the vibration of the entire community, and make it a magnet for seekers. – BC

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the participants by email about their experiences. Here’s what they said:

Why did you choose to audit PSYS 1201 Spiritual Psychology 1?

What greater gift can we give to each other than to work on our personal psychology? The need to understand is so great, especially in a time when we see increasingly divisive dialect in our larger communities. – BC

What were your highlights of the course?

There were personal experiences that we shared with each other that enabled us to understand each other more. I feel it drew us closer together as a group, which is a good thing for our focus.   I recommend this class for everyone. You will be amazed at how it can help change your life for the better. – JP

Taking this course was a great bonding experience. We benefited tremendously as a group and in our relationships with one another. As growth occurs in a spiral, it personally helped me to come up higher. – YB

The part of the format that I liked the best was the ability to read the postings of each member in our group. I was amazed at some of the insights posted—and they read the same words and chapters that I read. – LS

As we shared our homework assignments with each other online, our different approaches and perspectives became apparent. We learned from each other.  The process was enriching. I felt that it strengthened my bond to the community – some of whom live at a distance from our study group location. Even though the course was online, I felt part of the community, and felt supported by the community. BC

The course came as a spiritual revival of the inner man that existed within my being away from the hectic 40-hour work week that we experience every day… I felt closer to the masters and felt that I went to the retreats at night for extended training in the SU course. – LD

I would definitely recommend it for other groups. Working on our individual psychology was foundational to the health and future growth of our group. – YB

Was the audit option important for you?

Yes! I would not have taken the class if I had to take a Mid-term examination or do a term paper. – LS

What was your most important takeaway from the course?

The master’s “teachings on common blocks” and “how to overcome habit patterns” were the two big points for me. I liked that the course included calls that Mother made for certain situations. – LS

Would you repeat the course in the future?

This was the second time that I took the course for audit. Even though it was the second time, so much of the material felt new. It truly is like peeling an onion, the course unfolds at different levels. Perhaps it is because we move through life, our experiences mold us. We then draw from those experiences as we are taking a course. Concepts that may have been “interesting” the first time around suddenly become “pertinent” and applicable with a different set of life experiences. – BC

Would you recommend this course to others?

The books recommended for the course gave me excellent tools to live by in my life and a better understanding of my psychology. I recommend this course to anyone who would like to overcome habit patterns and embrace the joy of life. – LD

Group Auditing of SU Online Courses

What does group auditing of SU Online courses cost? Auditing groups have access to all course materials but do not take exams, submit papers or receive academic credit. They pay the reduced audit tuition of $50 per credit hour (i.e. $50 for a 1-credit 8-week course or $150 for a 3-credit 17-week course). Like SU’s regular students, group audit students engage in group interactions in weekly online forums facilitated by an SU course instructor.

Does this sound like an opportunity that your board or group wants to participate in? In addition to PSYS 1201 Spiritual Psychology 1, we have many other courses that boards and groups will enjoy and benefit from: Brush up on your outreach or decree skills, discover a cutting-edge approach to working with families in your community, develop or improve leadership and communication skills, or just dive deeply into one of our many courses on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

You can learn all about the details of the group audit program at “Auditing Programs as a Group” on the SU website at If you have any questions, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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