Summit University in Toronto

By Jerry Kozoriz

On March 17 – 19, the Toronto Teaching Center hosted the Understanding Yourself, Part 2 Summit University seminar in downtown Toronto. Rev. Carla Groenewegen and her assistant, Justina Torres, led this wonderful SU seminar. Forty-six 46 people attended and several gave their feedback on the seminar.

Toronto Summit University - 2017

Reports from Participants:
“As our souls evolve over time, every new spiritual experience of participation in services and classes is never the same and always unique. The participation in Summit University in Toronto in March 2017 on the subject Understanding Yourself Part 2 was one of them. It was unique, unfathomable in depth and soothing for my soul. I felt that universe is always synchronized with our needs of the hour as it has answered the burning questions that I have had sitting in my heart and waiting for the outpour of knowledge to be understood. I have learned about the momentums I was going through at the moment and it helped me to put all my personal experiences in their place according to the four quadrants of our being.

“The knowledge that I have received has precisely shaped and described my inner yearnings, feelings, and thoughts that were possibly not as structured and understood before. I have felt that every experience that I had and I am going through is deeply connected to my four lower bodies. This SU provided me with the keys of how to address, heal and balance my life using the tools of these Teachings which helps to address unresolved issues in my psychology. I feel it was a great stepping stone to the deeper acceptance and loving myself which prepares my soul for the natural service for God’s purposes.” – Ulyana

“I was very grateful to have the experience of attending SU for the first time here in Toronto. After being in Montana, I can say that Rev Carla and Justina definitely brought the love from the retreat down from the mountains and into our city lives. It was a good reminder to who we really are as chelas on the path. Being in the city energies it is very easy to get carried away in the mundane world of it all. I will be attending again when the chance arises!” – Cristelle

Understanding Yourself Part 2 was just what I needed. The city can feel so busy and it is easy to become distracted from your true goals. My favourite message in the SU was that no matter what tests we must go through, the development of our character, the repairing of our psychology, and our ability to maintain a positive attitude, are the heavenly keys which will get us through all initiations.” – Thanks, Juan

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