Celebrating Mother’s Birthday at the Ashram

By Rev. Jaspal Soni

Happy birthday, Mother!
Guru Ma birthday party at the ashram
Ashram celebration bookletOn April 8, we celebrated Mother’s birthday at the ashram with the local Keepers of the Flame, members and their families. The brief ceremony was about two hours long beginning at 4:00 pm. We had prepared a nice violet and gold cover booklet which included a summary on the legacy of beloved Mother, her keynote song (Beautiful Dreamer) and a few introductory decrees.

I read a few sentences from Mother’s book, “In My Own Words” and talked about her as I saw her through my eyes—a teacher, a friend and a visionary who was like us in many ways facing day-to-day challenges of life from birth to early childhood, to adulthood and how she overcame them by keeping her eyes on fulfilling her mission.

We sang her keynote twice—once in the beginning and again before closing. It was helpful to explain the meaning of the words of the song to the attendees. By interspersing the decrees and readings from the book, it became an interesting experience for everyone to enjoy and stay engaged.

After the service, we sang happy birthday to Mother and cut a delicious strawberry cake which everyone enjoyed. More than 20 people came. Some people commented afterwards about the tangible presence of Mother and the masters.

Guru Ma birthday cake at the ashram

Wrapping-up the Workshops Spiral
On April 23, we wrapped-up the three-month spiral of weekly workshops at the ashram that began in January involving the seven major rays, the eighth ray and the five secret rays. Each workshop was about three hours long and included at least one hour of decrees. Fifteen people attended on average and seven became Keepers of the Flame.

This was a successful experiment which also involved sharing and eating together in a community-like environment which resulted in bonding with one another.

A Short Summer Break from the Ashram
Summer is always very hot and long in New Delhi lasting up to five months. It is already getting hotter by the day as the mercury hit 115 degrees F this week. I plan to escape the heat by leaving for my home in Silver Springs, Maryland, for three months in late April. I am looking forward to a recharge of light by attending the summer conference and Summit University at the Inner Retreat in Montana. In my absence, Poonam, who works for Chananda Cultural Society and is a Keeper of the Flame, will continue to lead weekly decree sessions with other members on Sundays at the ashram.

Thank you for your prayers and loving support in making the continuing work of the ascended masters in India a joyful and God-Victorious experience!

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