For the Sanctity of Life in the Dominican Republic

By Deisy De los Santos

SU in Santo Domingo - 2017

The Dominican Republic is once again facing the threat of decriminalizing abortion by revising Article 37 of our Constitution, which today protects the sanctity of life. It is a topic that occupies the attention of the congress and has generated continuous protests from the religious institutions of the country.

SU in Santo Domingo - 2017For this reason, knowing the theme selected for our nation, produced a high expectation in the congregation of the Teaching Center in Santo Domingo. The seminar, entitled The Science of Life which we held on February 25, 26 and 27, helped to raise awareness about the sanctity of life and the role we must play as Keepers of the Flame and communicants of our church to perform the calls to our beloved Ascended Masters and to help us preserve our constitution without any alteration regarding the prohibition of abortion in all its forms or practices.

Receiving this seminar with the sponsorship of Beloved Ascended Masters Jesus Christ, Hilarion, Pallas Athena and the Brotherhood of Truth, was a great opportunity for the congregation. It gives a greater meaning to our approach to protecting the sanctity of life in our territory, in the challenging moments we are facing.

The four excerpts from Mother’s conference titled “Abortion from the Perspective of the Soul” helped to strengthen the understanding of defending life in all its manifestations, reviewing the misconceptions about abortion and their relationship with reincarnation.

SU in Santo Domingo - 2017The dramatizations carried out during the workshop on “Myths and truths about abortion” were fun and well-received resource for the congregation. It helped to illustrate how we can and should approach souls afflicted by problems related to an unplanned pregnancy.

The seminar The Science of Life was presented by Reverend Zaida González, our regional minister, who was assisted by lay sister Clara Mock, Luis Francisco Simó and Deisy De los Santos.

60 people attender our SU seminar this year, one of the attendees came from Puerto Rico and for eleven of the attendees, this was their first seminar at Summit University.

During the seminar seven baptisms were made, a presentation in the temple, two children received their first holy communion and one couple received the sacrament of matrimony.

One of the people who attended for the first time, wrote in the satisfaction survey:

“First and foremost, thank you all. Never before had I received an invitation to attend a Summit University seminar. All the subjects were a great teaching. I look forward to continuing to attend other seminars. I never imagined that the life of the Apostle Paul was so difficult. Thanks for the teaching, for the hours of information that are hard to forget. Thanks to each of you, since learning, acquiring knowledge is priceless. It was a totally different seminar, pleasant, with much experience. I was fascinated with so much experience. Blessings.” – Ingrid Ramírez

We are incredibly grateful to receiving this momentum of Light for our country. The word “timely” definitively became of unprecedented importance to our congregation, who felt in a very profound way the call to action so beautifully articulated in this seminar.

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