Testimony to the Power of Archangel Michael’s Rosary

By Kathleen Wilkins

Archangel Michaels RosaryIn recent years I have done a rosary to Archangel Michael every day. I always used the Archangel Michael sword to cut free places on the globe, but several months ago I thought of wielding the sword to cut free people in my own neighborhood, especially people smoking marijuana. Many neighborhood conditions of long-standing changed for the better.

A couple of weeks after I started, the neighbor across the street came to my side door to let me know that her son who lived in the same house was free from his long-term deep addiction to alcohol and drugs and had turned over a new leaf. This man suffered with such extreme addiction for so many years that he was close to death a number of times and in and out of hospitals for liver failure. He cut his hair, has a better appearance, and is working for the first time in a long time.

After years of occupying a house directly across the street from my house, a rental sign went up, and the family moved away who were dirty and slovenly. Contents of the place spilled out into the carport, and junk was near the road. Their rental house was in such disrepair when the family left, that new carpets and renovations were needed that gave it a whole new vibration. The new occupants are neater and cleaner.

Last Easter a house down the block where I had seen men smoking marijuana burned to the ground and was replaced by a brand new home and different occupants.

A policeman and his wife who live in a home across the street, complained about their neighbor’s children smoking marijuana. The children and their mother had lived in the same house for decades, but a month ago, they moved away and sold the house to a flipping company. The outside of the house didn’t have a nice appearance. The house flippers redid the exterior and it is now neat and clean.

Another change is the vacant land behind my home that is owned by the hospital. Sometimes a hangout place for vagrants, people smoking dope and evening drinking parties, I always had some depression gazing at it. Even though I love the desert vegetation, I sensed the bad vibration there. I can hardly believe my senses. It seems the sword cleared mass entities from the land. There is a fresh vibration like you would experience in a less populated area!

These experiences gave me renewed faith in Archangel Michael!

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  1. Thank~you for your Archangel Lord Michael sword empowerment story! ;-) … I’ll do it , right now in this lovely neighborhood , encouraging the gold to be more friendly, relaxed and joyfully communicative. Thanks to Lord Michael & his Lady Faith. MM

  2. Great effect of the decrees, prayers and intention.
    I had similar experience. First, when I moved in, more & more addicts showed up at the corner of my street, even thou it is a good neighborhood. Some moved into my building. That had lasted for few years, and than started to clear up, and it is clear know for quite a few years. With Archangel Michaael’s daily Rosary, I am doing a lot of Astrea & 33.00. Morher Mary Rosary is on for many hours.

  3. Thanks for this exciting witness Kathleen. I love hearing the results of this fabulous rosary to Archangel Michael. So powerful. Can you imagine if everyone did it in their city? We might see the golden age sooner than we think.

  4. AHA!! Thank you for your wonderful witness Kathleen!! I know now how to tackle a family problem!! Since I’ve had good success when I used the Archangel Michael Rosary when I felt I was under attack years ago.

    By the way, when I first moved to my current home in Wales from Montana, there was a pub not far from my home. When I first lived here I used to make calls on it but after a few years I forgot about it and the only evidence of its presence was in the summer when the windows, both there and here, were open and the sounds of music and loud voices would drift over to my abode. But apart from that in recent years I’d forgotten about it.

    Then a couple of years ago I passed it on my way home and was surprised to see a bailiff notice on the door. After some weeks the bailiff’s notice was still on the door.

    The reason I was so surprised was because it previously seemed fairly popular and well patronised by the neighbourhood. Nevertheless that pub has now been closed for a couple of years and so far no one has taken up the premises. So I can’t help wondering whether that it could all have been the result of the earlier years when I made calls on it and that it took a while to wind down the clientele as the calls took effect.

    • I have a friend who is a KOF with a similar problem in her neighborhood. I will pass your testimonial of Archangel’s rosary. Thank you!

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