Perfect Your Art!

By Edward Anderson

Nicholas Roerich 1933In the Pearl of Wisdom titled “Perfect Your Art!” the ascended master Nicholas Roerich says, “I am grateful for this recent biography,* if only for the reason that souls might be led through the art, through the life that I have lived, to the heart of Agni–thence to the heart of the Mother, thence to the heart of Maitreya.”

I wanted to give testimony to how Roerich’s art can indeed reach out to those who might not ordinarily be open to the teachings. A relative was visiting me in my living room when she saw a picture of Nicholas Roerich that I have hanging on the wall. She said “Oh, you know about Nicholas Roerich!” and I said “Yes, what do you know about him!” She told me that when she lived in New York City she often visited the Nicholas Roerich Museum and loved his paintings. We had a wonderful discussion about Roerich and I took the opportunity to introduce her to the part of his spiritual life as a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

If you love art and feel close to Nicholas Roerich, you will want to include his name in your calls as he suggested.

I ask you, chelas of the Ascended Masters, to include my name in your decrees and preambles, as I work closely with El Morya, K.H. and D.K. and Lanello. I work closely with them for the bringing together of all those who are on the path of the sacred fire. There are many apart from our society, apart from Agni Yoga, who yet have that wavelength. Let them find union through the violet flame!  Let them know that the seventh age has opened doors that were not open to me in previous incarnations. – Nicholas Roerich, October 28, 1990

You can also call for his cup of Light. He told us, “Remember to call for my cup of Light. I will give it you each day, beloved, as long as you are on the wavelength of the ascending one, the aspiring one, as long as you fear not to follow the Mother of the World up the mountain.”

Nicholas Roerich gave two dictations that are also Pearls of Wisdom and can be read online:

Vol. 33 No. 44 – Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich – November 11, 1990

Vol. 46  No. 3 – Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich – January 19, 2003

Nicholas Roerich’s dictations and Mother’s lecture “A Profile of Nicholas Roerich” are available on Ascended Master Library – search by ascended master for the dictations or by date, 10/28/90, for the lecture.

Also, information on Nicholas Roerich can be found on the Roerich page on The Summit Lighthouse Free Encyclopedia

*Warrior of Light: The Life of Nicholas Roerich

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