Youth Retreat in Australia January 2017

From Gabrielle Pritchett, Attendee

youth retreat - Australia 2017

The 2017 Summit Lighthouse youth retreat was a blast! It was great seeing familiar faces, reuniting with old friends and making new ones. This year we made the journey to Point Road Knight, a coastal town near Anglesea, Victoria. We had an unforgettable time exploring the beaches, going on nature walks and attempting to surf (some of us, myself in particular, struggled with the technique!).

youth retreat - Australia 2017 - surfing

The focus of this youth retreat was the vibrations we create and the power they have to transform us. Daniel and Peter demonstrated this to us by testing the effect of different frequencies on sugar in a pan. Whilst some frequencies had little effect, others made the sugar move in beautiful and unique patterns. We applied this knowledge to our decrees by saying them at a faster pace and introducing intonation – increasing our positive vibrations.

I miss our group already, bring on the next retreat!

youth retreat - Australia 2017

From Daniel Cap, Mentor

As a mentor of the teen retreats I feel I get the best of both worlds. I get the in depth preparation side, working on the timeline, food, travel, accommodation, activities, theory sessions, and costing. And yet I also have the delight of actually conducting the sessions, participating in activities, and keeping an ear to the ground for the youth’s spiritual interests. I always find it quite remarkable how fast they learn, and I end up wanting to teach more.

youth retreat - Australia 2017

The most recent youth retreat was held in a beautiful old beach house in South Victoria, Australia. The oceanic splendor in that region has few parallels for its crisp white beaches, crystal clear waves, and mountainous cliffs that surround a good majority of the beaches. So as you can imagine, it’s a perfect environment to make parallels with the science of spirituality – the peace of meditation on God and the physical power of prayer.

It was a great retreat, and I’m looking forward to the next one in Adelaide, South Australia 2018.

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