A Sacred Labor for the Magnanimous Heart

Project Reach Out (PRO)

By Patricia Parham

A Brief Background

Dr Patricia ParhamProject Reach Out (PRO) is a loving team serving the Ascended Masters, an arm of outreach to those who first contact The Summit Lighthouse (TSL.) Founded by Beloved El Morya, we approach approximately 33 inquirers each week and offer a hand in friendship, by email and U.S. mail.

The inquirers are as diverse as Keepers of the Flames! Some are initially touching a mystical spiritual path and others have tried lots of paths and bring various levels of enlightenment to their study of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Some are parents, others single; some are old; others young; some prisoners, others yearning for freedom; they come from every walk of life and every race manifesting on planet earth, though currently residing in the U.S.A. or Canada. We welcome them all!

The Elements of this Sacred Labor

Our primary mission is heart to heart contact, one inquirer to one Keepers of the Flame. In this way, the work is quite personal and yet, impersonal, as contact team members invite seekers to connect. That offer might include an I AM Presence chart, bookmark or wallet card. Whether or not they respond is not solely the work of the contact team member.

The prayer team does the behind the scenes spiritual work in support of contacts. Prayer team members make daily calls for individual inquirers or for matches of inquirers with contact team members, or simply for all involved with PRO. This work is done by a team three times the size of the contact team and is crucial to the success of PRO.

In doing this work, common themes of seekers led to the re-institution of telephone seminars every other Sunday. The first year these focused on healing, the second on relationships, and this year on abundance. These phone seminars help build community among seekers who only interact on these calls, but who get wonderful teachings in bite-sized chunks.

To make these Teachings more widely available, TheGoldenPathway.org website was designed to provide a bridge between the 7 major world religions, atheism, and everything in between to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. It contains a wealth of teachings, beautifully presented, in addition to the recordings of the phone seminars. Here, people who have yet to contact TSL, might see a video or read a Teaching and discover a link to TSL.

We are also upgrading our Facebook page to take advantage of social media in sharing the Teachings. More on that in a future article.

El Morya Needs You!

Do you feel drawn to this work? It is some of the most rewarding hands-on work for the Ascended Masters! Planting seeds of the teachings, watching some sprout into Keepers of the Flame while others lie fallow and never take root or return years later, provides many opportunities for personal reflection, growth of the threefold flame, and transmutation of negative karma. The prayer team provides a self-less service, sometimes aware of the fruits of their labor on the outer, other times only on the inner – great opportunities for increasing attunement and transmuting negative karma. These are the routes to representing PRO on the website or Facebook page or leads team.
We are looking for volunteers for both the prayer and contact team!

Males, particularly those drawn to work with prisoners, would be a great addition to the team, as this is the fastest growing segment of inquirers. This work never leads to a phone call, but a post office box is required. If you are curious about working with prisoners, ask one of current members, Jon Springer or Frank Petrik.

We are also very interested in Knights and Ladies of the Flame – we have yet to develop experienced PRO volunteers from this group, but are holding an open seat for you on this team.

Jaspal Soni sent in this testimonial about serving on the PRO prison ministry.

“I can feel the urgency of your request for help in ministering to male prisoners in the PRO initiative. I have been there so I know that for some reason, men volunteers in our organization seem to shy away from this calling. During my time of serving as a volunteer for 4-5 years in PRO, I experienced an enlightened self-interest. What was it? I learned that in realty, I was doing myself a favor….. I was freeing myself from the shackles of the human chains and being raised to the higher levels of understanding! So, this opportunity to serve the prisoners and the prisoner ministry came into my life for my own salvation truly. What a great gift God can give to us when we are in need! I will be happy to recommend this blessing-in-disguise to anyone in our organization to experiment for a cycle and experience the return current!” (You may contact Jaspal at chananda55 [@] aol.com)

The PRO mandala of KOFs is quite strong. We make calls for each other daily and share success strategies in infrequent teleconferences. We also meet each year at a luncheon at the summer conference to share victories and invite those who might be interested in PRO to join us. Perhaps you have received an El Morya button, a book mark, or PRO brochure from our booth at the summer class.

If a master is tapping you on the shoulder, don’t wait for summer, give this gift to Beloved Lanello who broods for his children. Reach out to Patricia Parham to volunteer in the U.S! (drparham [@] parhament.com or 972-418-1957 – leave a message!) Reach out to Craig Nicholson for volunteers in Canada! (craign33 [@] telus.net or 403-945-2696)

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