Mowing with Violet Flame Fuel

By Rev. Sammy Aryee

Lagos, Nigeria TSL
Which is easier? Molding bricks without straw or mowing grass without fuel?

At Lagos Chartered Study group, we have very few volunteers who come and offer specific services for I was there one late morning and had a target to mow all the children’s playground in front of Afra’s Court before noon.

We used to fill the gasoline tank in readiness for anyone who has some spare time to mow any area of the park as much as time permits. That day, I met only half liter of fuel in the tank and was almost discouraged because I knew it would not go far.

I attempted to just mow the maximum area possible and retire anytime the fuel run out.

Having cleared almost three quarters of the entire playground, the mower showed signs of running out of fuel by jerking intermittently. As I paused to ponder how unbalanced the lawn would look like, I felt a soft voice whisper over my shoulder, “Boy, why not tell your friend, Saint Germain something?” So I said, “Beloved Saint Germain help me to fill this tank with some violet flame, I want to finish my task tidily today.”

Then a strong impression came again, “Just close the fuel tank, do not worry or think about fuel again. Quick! Continue your job!” As I visualized the violet flame filling the fuel tank, I started the engine again and it responded. Filled with excitement, I continued the mowing. The jerking later stopped and the little engine run so smoothly as if it would with a full tank.

By the time I just finished mowing the last two feet of the children’s park, the engine stopped!

Interesting!! Wow! I said to myself. The amazing violet flame fuel had done it!!

This is one of Saint Germain’s many alchemical lessons that have practically strengthened me on the spiritual path. Isn’t it great fun? Try it, especially when you are on duty and desperately in need to meet your targets for the day.

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  1. This is a beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing it. Saint Germain is always there for his faithful chelas! Hear o Universe, I AM grateful!

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