Report from Australia – Summit University 2017

By Geoffrey Dickie

Summit University - Australia 2017

From January 9th to 14th, a group of 29 chelas came together in Ballarat, Victoria in Australia to attend a six day Summit University retreat The Path of the Eastern Adept. This retreat had been specially formulated by our regional ministers Peter and Neroli Duffy to go over the six days. A number of factors made the retreat a great success.

Mercure Hotel - Ballarat AU

Firstly, the lovely natural environment at the Mercure Hotel in Ballarat with its beautiful trees and gardens provided a perfect backdrop for a retreat about learning how to meditate more effectively. Secondly, everybody was quite uplifted by the beautifully presented altar and the excellent dynamics of the spacious conference room.

Altar at SU Australia - 2017

Finally, every morning, over half the attendees completed a two hour decree service for Australia and the world from 5am to 7am in addition to the decree sessions in the SU program. This gave a tremendous boost to the forcefield of light building through the six days. The result was a magnificent, golden spiral of decrees, exercises, teachings, dictations and communion that consistently brought us higher each day. The Summit University workshop was brought to a wonderful conclusion by completing both the 10/4 axis clearance as well as the Summit University clearance on successive days giving us a valuable insight into the incredible minds of Beloved El Morya and Kuthumi and their willingness to help us on our paths of adeptship. All of the participants went home with a wonderful sense of having transcended a significant part of their karma and being much clearer about their spiritual walk with the Masters.

SU Australia - 2017

SU Australia - 2017

The workshop was made more special by the fact that Reverend Peter Duffy gave a wonderful talk on the fight for freedom during what is known as the Eureka Stockade, a battle between the gold miners in Victoria and the corrupt police and authorities which happened over 150 years ago in Ballarat. It was a significant moment for establishing the people’s right to civil liberties in Australia’s history. We were all amazed to find that the flag that the miners swore allegiance to was actually the Southern Cross which has been spoken about by the Masters as a special focus of light in the southern hemisphere.

Meal break at SU Australia

Meal break at SU Australia

We were also very fortunate to have Steven Acuff and Angelika Bertacco with us to personally reinforce the importance of following the macrobiotic diet for achieving the “shining yang minds” capable of higher meditation. It was almost funny to see very well prepared sweet treats for morning and afternoon tea almost completely ignored by chelas not wanting to lose their yang state.

So inspired were many of the students that nearly half of the participants have agreed to follow-up their studies on the path of the adepts by personally sharing written articles with their fellow chelas during the next year. What a wonderful victory! Hail Mighty Victory!

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  1. Enjoyed reading the success story of the Summit University held in January in Australia. Toward the end of the story, emphasis was placed on the importance of the macrobiotic diet for “achieving the ‘shining yang minds’ capable of higher meditation.’ Where can I find out more about how this type of diet helps me increase my Light and attain that shining yang mind?

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