A Dream Come True

By Mary González

We were able to start a dream come true in 2013, to take the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to an open public from downtown Mexico City, a city with much movement and restlessness, in order to deliver the hopeful words of our beloved Masters.

subterráneos más transitados - MexicoThis space is called “A Journey through Books” and is located in one of the most transited subterranean passageways at the heart of Mexico City, which is the urban transportation Metro (subway). In this small auditorium we hold presentations once a month. We have had many experiences of encountering seeking souls who, in their hectic walk, have stopped to observe the Chart of the Presence that we portray in each one of our presentations.

The story that I would tell is that of an elderly homeless man that one day approached us shyly at first and then, with great determination he took one of the seats. The book we presented on that occasion was about The Lost Teachings of Jesus. These talks last 55 minutes and during all the time this old man remained especially attentive.

Ciudad de Mexico - actividades

When the presentation was over, he approached me cautiously to ask me if I could let him see the book we had on the table on display.

“Yes, of course sir. Here you go,” I told him.

“Thank you, Miss. Thank you!”

He took the book with great respect and care and browsed it briefly. His little eyes shone, and after caressing his pages with a loving expression of love, gratitude and devotion, he returned it to me.

“Thank you, Miss. Thank you!” he said.

“Take it sir, you can take it,” I offered it to him.

“No, thank you! It’s just that I have dirty hands and I do not want to handle it roughly. Besides, look at me!”

“Take it, sir, you can take it, really.” I insisted.

“No, thank you, thank you,” he repeated.

He turned around and left, disappearing quickly among the people.

At night, before falling asleep, I meditated upon this event and was very moved when I realized how a person like this little elderly man so appreciated the words of the Master Jesus. How it was enough for him to hear a few words of his teaching and touch some pages of that book, to nurture his soul.

On the other hand, I realized the great privilege we have in having such a large amount of teachings from our Masters, such as Pearls, books, lectures, Internet broadcasts, songs, our TSL Ahora! monthly email, radio broadcasts, and of course, the groups where our teachings are delivered.

Ciudad de Mexico - actividades

Thus, while some are satisfied with the spiritual crumbs that come to them, we have at our disposal large tables with true delicacies of spiritual knowledge, keys and dispensations to help us and feed us with the abundance that God puts within our reach day to day to achieve our goal of returning to our true Home.

Ciudad de Mexico - actividadesThat is why, especially today, I give thanks to God for his goodness, to you and to all of those whom we have not met, and yet we are aware that they have contributed in many ways to make this cornucopia of knowledge available to us today.

Thank God!
Hear O Universe, we are grateful!

And may God bless, protect and assist all homeless elderly men that journey towards the end of their lives in the midst of poverty and dereliction, and may God move all hearts so that these men receive the compassion and help they need wherever they may be found.

In the joy of your Christ and mine, I send you a big Christmas 2016 hug.

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