Finding the Teachings in San Diego

By Louise Faith

Louise Hill

By God’s grace, I was raised by a Mother who was devoted to Jesus and instituted family Bible reading & prayer each evening. So I attended different Protestant denominations and memorized many Bible verses in Sunday School as a child, receiving tokens to display for each. There were also verses Mother found important to her, she had her six children memorize : ) These home devotions went on both in the Philippines and when we came to the U.S. This was excellent training and a good background for acceptance of the Teachings.

I continued attending Mother’s church as long as I lived at home, through college. Near the end of that time, I used to say I went to church to find out why I did. After leaving home, I attended a Methodist church in San Diego. During my stay there, which included marrying and being divorced, I visited many different churches…Self Realization Fellowship, Unity, a spiritualist church, a Friends/Quaker group, as well as that Methodist church.

I also was interested in what activities were being offered in San Diego and vicinity. One day I saw an ad in a local throw-away newspaper for a presentation in Ocean Beach being given by The Summit Lighthouse at the Theosophy reading room, and decided to go. My husband was not interested, so he dropped me off. It was a group of four of five from TSL who gave a presentation on one of the Pearls of Wisdom from El Morya, which became part of The Chela and the Path book. The attendees were all given a copy of that Pearl. This was in the day when Pearls were sent free to those who asked. The leader of that group, who shortly after this, left the activity, said at that meeting, put your name on this list, and we will have Pearls sent to you.

What follows records my stubbornness at that time. No Pearls were sent to me. I could have called up The Summit Lighthouse and asked where were the promised Pearls and never did, even though I appreciated that one Pearl I had. About a year later, back in Los Angeles, a coworker mentioned the Summit Lighthouse was holding a conference in Pasadena. I got the info regarding that, attended, & the rest is history. (Bind all stubbornness & defiance of the law & ignorance!)

After that conference, I began to attend a TSL group in Del Mar with Rev. Paul O’Neal (now ascended) at the White Lodge focus. Also, I attended a small group in San Diego with Alice Boscow (also now ascended), where she taught us how to decree. I remember during the lesson on Astreas, I really felt like laughing. I also desired to attend Summit University, which was 10 weeks at that time. I worked some unusual jobs to earn what I needed, and part of that cost was loaned by a friend.

I attended Uriel and Aurora’s quarter, the last Summit University held in Pasadena, and our class helped prep for Only Love, the first conference at Camelot. I may have missed some cycles because of my stubbornness, yet, by God’s grace, here I am still, at Maitreya’s Mystery School!

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