SU in Mexico City Nov 2016

Summit University in Mexico City November 25-27th

By the Mexico City Board

SU Mexico City - Nov 2016

In an environment short on values and lack of strong spiritual principles in the Mexican youth, a growing percentage of adolescent pregnant, single women and even mothers of family with unwanted pregnancies, with representatives and Senators legislating against the life in the womb, the inspiring Summit University The Science of Life: Defend the Sanctity of the Soul seminar gave recognition of the importance of fighting for the right to be born; of the merciful opportunity to balance our karma; of fulfill a mission divine and of be happy to progress in the evolution of the soul.

These are reasons enough that lightbearers and Keepers of the Flame must work for the protection of the souls who are forming in a little body, little by little, in the womb. Because we also know that many of the souls that are aborted were key to the progress of their countries, to be scientists, doctors, engineers and others professionals in power that could have helped towards the best development of the humanity.

SU Mexico City - Nov 2016

We want to focus our report, first that we felt highly blessed because God our Father-Mother, through our beloved Archangels, Masters and above all the sponsors of this Summit University – Master Jesus, Pallas Athena, and Master Hilarion and the Brotherhood of Truth – opened doors for us for the negotiations and event logistics.

SU Mexico City altar

We managed a good rate, excellent attention from the captain and others personal of the hotel, and all the facilities ready us on Thursday, November 24th. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day in the company of our dear Reverends Neroli and Peter Duffy, and Juanita de los Santos, who with members of the board of directors, staff and the several members of the community, enjoyed of an exquisite dinner-dance, which was also a celebration for a new communicant.

Another victory was that we had reserved for 120 people. We thought that fewer people would attend since several community members commented that maybe they could not come since they had already spent on the Divine Mother Retreat event last May. However, we had 172 people attend, among which were married couples and several pregnant moms who did not want to miss this significant teaching on life.

The event was held with harmony, very good organization, and a feeling of an environment without negative vibrations. This hotel was finished barely a year ago and has lots of natural light and spacious rooms. Plus all the warmth and feelings of meeting with brothers and sisters from other parts of our country that we only see on these occasions.

SU Mexico City, sacraments

Sacraments. 21 people were confirmed, 3 made their First Communion, 9 persons were baptized and one person was made a communicant.

The sales from our bookstore, which included Summit Lighthouse books and other companion goods, were a success thanks to God. We sold new books and provided for others that were not in stock, plus sold several articles for altars and light focuses.

SU Mexico City seminar

There were brochures with the pro-life theme with the decrees and prayers of the New Age Rosary, postcards of the Archangel Michael and Mother Mary; as well as brochures that our community and members of groups of other parts of our country could carry for handing out in their locations and extending the practice of offering the Child Rosary. And mostly, the knowledge of what the holiness of it life in the womb and its defense means. Some companions that work in schools asked for enough to distribute to the girls in their classes.

We cannot leave without mentioning the success of the Children Committee. For the first time they, with great enthusiasm, love and dedication, instead of participating in Summit University, organized themselves to allow several moms to attend who usually couldn’t go to these events over the years because they didn’t have anybody to take care of their children. They rented a room and organized games for the little ones. The children enjoyed diving and playing in the pool, sitting in the jacuzzi, and when they got hungry they enjoyed the buffet.

SU Mexico City childrens program

SU Mexico City childrens program

For this great victory we give our infinite thanks and send our blessings to our headquarters in Montana, our dear Reverends, our support staff for translating and reading, and to our unconditional committees. It is an honor to be members of the mandala of this Board of Directors that, with everyone contributing their talents, worked together to crystallize this great event.

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