Miami Violet Flame Workshop

By Rev. Valerie McBride and Sister Carmen F. Bocanegra

The one-day violet flame retreat and workshop in Miami was an incredible success! Modeling this workshop off of the original two-day violet flame retreat held earlier this year in Bozeman, Montana, the violet flame team from the Royal Teton Ranch was able to bring a more condensed version with a special chakra cleansing workshop.

We had almost 40 souls attend this workshop who were determined to make a difference in their own world by applying the violet flame. All of the participants were eager to listen, understand and use these teachings to improve their own personal lives.

If there was something in common for all the participants, it was the fact that all of them, including new and old seekers, all wanted to make positive changes in their lives! The violet flame is the fastest tool that can be applied for immediate change, transmutation, forgiveness, abundance and healing.

One eager newcomer drove five hours to attend this workshop and arrived in the early hours because he wanted to obtain a wallet card of the I AM Presence chart. He told us that he was so excited to be there that he couldn’t sleep the whole night before!

Then we had another seeker who called our member service department and was given the information about the workshop by our member service advocate, Marcia Beese, only the day before the event! She happily arrived and attended the whole workshop.

Often we have attendees who come to heal their pain with the violet flame. In the front row, two wonderful ladies arrived, but both had recently (and coincidentally) lost their daughters in car accidents. They loved learning about the violet flame and how to clear their chakras and painful records of loss of loved ones.

We concluded the retreat by singing to our beloved Saint Germain and joyfully tossing pink, purple and white balloons with the three-quarters beat of the waltz music! Everyone was happy, singing as one heart and dancing to the rhythm of the blessed violet flame!

Miami study group

The Miami Study Group welcomed our violet flame team, Rev. Valerie McBride, Sister Carmen Bocanegra and Susie Shimmin, Director of Member Services. The Miami members have hearts full of love and the joyous violet flame as we all witnessed when we waltzed together, shared our stories of victory and partook in a feast lovingly prepared by group members. The Miami Study Group is active and alive, full of light and beauty as you can see by these smiling faces.

Valerie at the Miami Violet Flame workshopRev. Valerie McBride explained how the violet flame works deeply at the molecular level. We had a special young helper who helped to demonstrate some of the scientific violet flame experiments.

violet flame examplesAttendees marvel at the violet flame experiment results as they gaze at the jars of simulated cells that are covered in the karma of sticky molasses compared to the shiny, brilliant violet flame cells in another jar!

Susie Shimmin and Sister Carmen Bocanegra explain the heart chakra
Susie Shimmin and Sister Carmen Bocanegra explain the heart chakra and helped attendees use spiritual techniques to clear negative records from the heart chakra.

On Sunday, the violet flame team visited the members at the Boynton Beach Teaching Center in Palm Beach. We were greeted by the smiling and always singing president, Celeste Simon, at the door of this lovely picketed white fenced house which is today the home for the Teaching Center. The sanctuary was full with members of all ages who participated in the morning service and attended the baptism of two new Keepers of the Flame, mother and daughter. Their whole family was there, husband and children, sharing their happiness and new commitment to the Brotherhood.

Boynton Beach Teaching Center in Palm Beach

After the ritual of baptism, we partook of a potluck prepared by the community. We enjoyed lunch outside surrounded by huge mango trees. We felt these precious tree elementals protected this home of light and the hearts of all the devotees that gather there to decree, meditate and pray.

Our prayer for the Lightbearers of beautiful Florida, near the retreat of Archangel Zadkiel, is that this state and its people always be bathed and protected by the violet flame of our beloved Saint Germain.

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