A Special Event at Minneapolis/St. Paul Community TC

By the Minneapolis/St. Paul Community Teaching Center

“Our Destiny Written in the Stars”

Minneapolis - St Paul TC altar

On October 22, 2016 a special event was held at the Summit Lighthouse Teaching Center in south Minneapolis.  Over the years the Masters and Mother have delivered messages in the Twin Cities, or about the Twin Cities, noting the work of the students of the Ascended Masters in this area, the meaning of this place, and dispensations that have been given. The entire presentation was a collection of direct quotes:

What is this place – these Twin Cities?

  1. Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota are the focus of Alpha and Omega in the North American continent, and the counterpoint to that force field of light in the Middle East.

“I remind you therefore, beloved ones that the focus of Alpha and Omega in the North American continent lies in the twin cities, and it is the counterpoint of that forcefield of light in the Middle East.”     (Beloved Jesus the Christ, delivered December 4, 1983)

  1. Minneapolis and St Paul are the White Fire Core of the nation, and the Outer Focus of the Inner Retreat.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said:

“You can tell them I am proud of them and so pleased that they have consecrated the Alpha/Omega white fire core of this nation; that upon them depends the chakras of all the other cities… it’s tremendous because that is going to unleash the chakras of the nation – by having the Alpha/Omega set.  Remember, the mantra of the chela of that city is: ‘I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being.’  And they should sing the song with their children, ‘I and My Father are One, I and My Mother are One.’”

“They are holding the balance for America …. And the great thing about Minneapolis – the one thing I want to remind them – is that they are the first anchor point in the physical octave of the Royal Teton Ranch. They should be the highest vibrating center in the world, apart from the Ranch. And they can be because of their numbers. Now they just have to increase the quality of their heart chakras.”  (Excerpt of a transcript of a phone call between Mother, Annice Booth and Paula Zarzycki following a weekend stump, 1991)

Foci of Light – There have been three different teaching center locations in the Twin Cities. The first two were named for Mark and Mother in their embodiments as Hiawatha and Minnehaha, whose stories are claimed by this region of the United States, and which were immortalized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his epic poem ‘The Song of Hiawatha’.

  1. Hiawatha House, 1975 to 1989 – This focus in SE Minneapolis was purchased by Keepers of the Flame in 1975. On January 24, 1976, devotees of the master Saint Germain assembled at the center for the master’s dedicatory address. (Notes to the dictation “Initiating the Aquarian Cycle”)

   “Therefore, I dedicate Hiawatha House. I dedicate the flame of freedom. Let it be established from our retreat in Transylvania. Let it be the arc for the freeing of the nations. And let the flow of freedom and the dedication of this holy band be for the driving back of that dragon of World Communism…”  (Beloved Saint Germain, delivered January 24, 1976 at Hiawatha House)

  1. Minnehaha House, 1981 to 1990 – a beautiful mansion located on Lake Harriet in south Minneapolis.

Lanello speaks on a legal challenge regarding zoning brought against Minnehaha House as a church:

“On that particular case and the judgement of the Supreme Court of the State of Minnesota hung the fate of many individuals and groups with far less ability to stand in the face of such opposition.  Therefore, the victory was won and sealed as a precedent in that city; but at inner levels it was a drawing of the line for all people in this nation that zoning laws must not be used to encroach upon religious freedom nor so construed or contrived to tear down those religions that are not in the mainstream of acceptability.” (Beloved Lanello, February 26, 1984)

“The altar and platform in the newly decorated sanctuary at Minnehaha House were at La Tourelle in Colorado Springs. They were originally designed by Mark and Elizabeth and built by Elizabeth’s father for their first sanctuary at Beacon’s Head, Vienna, Virginia.” (Notes to the dictation by Sanat Kumara, Archangel Uriel, Enoch and Lanello, February 21, 1987 in Minneapolis)

 Archangel Uriel said:

   “Blessed hearts, as this very area and these two cities lie on an ancient focus of a fiery coil of light, so I say, these two centers are become now twin pillars – able, if ye will it so, to so contain the descent of the LORD’S judgment that in fact, and in no other area could it be so predicted, the Lightbearers of the city may hold the light and contain the judgement that this may take place for the clearing of the city and the area that does indeed represent the white fire core of North America.”

“I, Uriel, witness to you the ascent, then, of Sanat Kumara instantaneously to heights of thirty-three thousand feet and beyond this place.

A canopy of light is over the Twin Cities covering a fifty-mile radius with an intensity of a spotlight of sacred fire – with an additional fifty as a penumbra.” (Archangel Uriel, February 21, 1987)

  1. Sanctuary of Archangel Michael, 1991 to present

The Minneapolis/Saint Paul Teaching Center is located on south Nicollet Ave on the 6 o’clock line of the cosmic clock of the city of Minneapolis.

“The two-story colonial building contains the Sanctuary of Archangel Michael.” (Keepers of the Flame lesson 12, note 3) It also contains a small chapel dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ called ‘Jesus Upper Room’. The altar chairs from La Tourelle by way of Minnehaha House are located in Jesus Upper Room.

Our Spiritual Work

In her “Halloween Prophecy 1987” delivered October 31, 1987, in Minneapolis, the Messenger described two funnels over the Twin Cities:

Two funnels appear over the city like tornadoes, rising straight up…. One is black and one is white.  The black signifies the collective misuses of the Light of God; it is a vortex of Darkness and of karma…. it is simply full of astral substance.  It is the overshadowing force over the city. The lesser funnel is a funnel of Light, it is white….

If we were to be weighed today, we would see the balances tip in favor of Darkness.  But this is a reading that we can run with. It’s a measure that is given…. You who are assembled here this evening are fully sufficient in numbers, if you should apply yourself in a vigil of the hours, to the increasing of that funnel of light until it overtakes and supersedes the Darkness and then by its magnetism does release the violet flame for the consuming of that Darkness. This is very especially important in this city because the Twin Cities focus the Alpha, the Omega – the principles of balance in the heart of the Central Sun for America.

The biggest challenge in Minneapolis-St. Paul is witchcraft. The Twin Cities are the witchcraft capital of the nation (the city of Anoka, a northern suburb, considers itself the Halloween capital of the world).  Mother wrote inserts 4.91 and 4.92 with the Twin Cities in mind.

We listened to an audio excerpt from a lecture given by Mother about an embodiment of Serapis Bey as King Leonidas, and the stand taken by the Spartans against the Persians at Thermopylae. This portrait of Serapis gives us a very real sense of what it takes to achieve the victory against all odds.

The presentation concluded with the audio playing of Mother’s landmark lecture “It is Possible to Fail”, given on February 21, 1987 at Minnehaha House. It contains invaluable lessons for us today on how we approach the path and whether or not we are really working towards our ultimate victory in the light.  (Available to Keepers of the Flame at Ascended Master Library.)

After a dinner break we resumed in Archangel Michael’s Sanctuary for our evening service with the 5/11 Axis Clearance in which Mother makes fiery calls for our victory and we place into the flame all that opposes our ultimate victory!

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  1. Thank you for history details about your TC.
    Fiery wall of Ruby Ray protects the White Fire Core of Being, as depicted at the I AM Presence chart. So Ruby Ray Judgment decrees are the best protection against all evil.
    Will keep you in my prayers.
    God Bless

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