Introductory Violet Flame CDs…

… Are Helping Encircle the World with Violet Flame!

Austin Study Group Violet Flame Outreach Tools

by Mark Pollard

Violet Flame Challenge CD

In conjunction with the development and introduction of the website, the corresponding 30-day challenge and the recently released Violet Flame book, the Austin Teaching Center has begun producing and distributing introductory violet flame CD’s!

The CD consists of:

  • An introductory track welcoming a newcomer and inviting them to take the 30-day challenge by giving 15 minutes of violet flame for 30 consecutive days
  • Nine tracks from the Save the World with Violet Flame 1 CD
  • An insert which enables a newcomer to read and follow along with the various violet flame tracks

So far, over 700 of these CD’s have been produced and are being used for creative, heart-to-heart outreach in the Philippines, South Africa, Iceland, Mexico, Canada, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, McAllen, and San Antonio.

On September 2, 1961 Archangel Zadkiel said “…the violet fire represents the highest gift–the highest gift of God to the universe!”

If you feel a calling to begin distributing the “highest gift” in your part of the world, you can contact the Austin Center at – a donation of only $2.50 per CD covers the cost of production.

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