Finding the Teachings

By Pamela Arnold

Pamela ArnoldWhen I think of all the Masters and the Messengers have done for me, I am in awe.

The guidance and direction, opportunities, and people sent to help me on my path have been amazing, and I could never have done without them. My divine plan and my karma would require that I take up my opportunity to find the Messengers and the Masters, and enter the Teachings in Toronto, Canada. Here is how my journey unfolded.

Auckland HarborI grew up in NZ (New Zealand) in Manurewa, South Auckland, and even though I thought of traveling someday, leaving for good was not something I ever imagined. The Masters pointed the way gradually, sowing seeds and getting me prepared.

When I was twelve my father’s cousin came over from Canada on vacation to stay with us. As she left to catch her flight home, she said to me, “well, Pamela you will have to come over and visit us in B.C.” I took it to heart and I knew I had to go to Canada. From then on it was always in the back of my mind.

After leaving high school, I worked in the Auckland Savings Bank for about six years and transferred to Howick Branch, a beautiful part of Auckland’s East Coast Bays. I had recently started an astrology course and had started seeking spiritually. I also found a music teacher through an acquaintance, and after learning from that teacher for two years or so, desired to someday go to receive tuition from her teacher in Toronto. Meanwhile, my friend at the bank, Feli (who was Danish) and I, decided to go to Australia. She had an Aunt there, and so we made our plans to fly to Sydney on a working holiday.

Leaving that day was such a heart-wrenching experience. It should not have been, after all I was only taking a three hour flight to Australia. I did not know on the outer, but at some level I sensed I was leaving for good. I could not have done it alone. In fact, when I was at the airport with my family, my parents, brothers, sisters, and little nephews, Feli was late. The question came to me, what if she doesn’t make the flight? I made a split second decision, if she doesn’t make it, I am not going. Within fifteen minutes or so she came running in with her Mother. They had had car trouble. Now, we were on our way.

We landed in Sydney and stayed with her relatives for a short time. They showed us around the city and the harbor and took us to the top of the Sky Tower. We then moved in to the YWCA in downtown Sydney, which was next to Hyde Park. A few weeks later Feli’s Mother was having health issues and she decided to go back to NZ. I am so grateful for her helping me begin the journey of a lifetime.

Since 1973 or so I had felt more and more, an inner direction which I was constantly tuning in to. From then on, that was what I relied on, although I did not fully understand what it was. Spiritually speaking it was Sydney that was my first step on the path home to the Masters and it is always a special place for me.

Sydney Waterfront and Opera HouseI got a job at the “T.A.B” – Telephone Betting. (The agency where people bet on the races.) I worked in one of Australia’s largest call centers. On my first day I was introduced to my trainer, Kay, a sweet lady who had something to share with me, in preparation for my entering the Teachings. It turned out, she was also interested in astrology and could see auras, (which I could not and still can’t.) I only vaguely knew what an aura was at that point. We delved into auras and astrology.

I began private astrology lessons with a teacher half a block from the YWCA on the corner of one of downtown Sydney’s main thoroughfares, Elizabeth Street. We went to the Theosophical Bookstore, also on Elizabeth St, and I found the book, “The Human Aura”. For some reason I did not buy it then, but was more and more interested in spiritual things.

I had been trying to find out how to enter Canada to be able to work, but I was getting nowhere fast. My younger sister also was interested for her future plans and she finally found the right information for us. Our father was born in Canada and they had just passed a law that enabled us to claim our citizenship. So, while in Sydney this came through for me and I went in to the consulate, and received my passport.

Ayers Rock near Alice Springs, AustraliaI then contacted the music teacher in Toronto and made plans to go there, first staying with my Canadian relatives in B.C. Meanwhile I was thoroughly enjoying Sydney with friends in the YWCA, attended a classical concert at the Sydney Opera House and took a greyhound trip around Australia, up the center to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs, over to the Gold Coast, and down to Brisbane to visit family friends, formerly from NZ, who had introduced our parents. I hadn’t seen them since childhood.

During my last few months in Sydney I got a phone call from my mother with the news that my brother John was very ill. This hit me very hard. I was always looking for a concert to go to and had discovered a lunch time organ concert in a downtown cathedral. After the concert, which was wonderful, right around the corner was a taxi rank. (Cabs were inexpensive back then). I got in a cab and the driver was a very sweet man from Lebanon who shared with me that he had just lost his wife and all of his children in the war over there and had come to Australia to start a new life. He was obviously still in a lot of pain and recovering. His loss gave me a new, wider perspective as I worried about my brother. The Masters were guiding me every step of the way.

My inner direction gave me a definite sense that I should arrange to leave on the exact day I had arrived, making it exactly one year. (I suspect that was from a Master because I was not that precise, and of course I was happy to do it.) I was at home for two weeks or so and got to be with my brother who was diagnosed with leukemia which was at that point in remission. My mother and I discussed my plans and we agreed that I should go on. It was hard, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

I flew from Auckland to Hawaii and then Los Angeles, and from there to Vancouver B.C. meeting up with my relatives who took me on a tour where I met other cousins, and saw the Canadian Rockies for the first time. After two weeks or so I flew to Toronto and found my music teacher. I did not know a living soul beside my music teacher who I had just met. That was about to change. I was staying in the YWCA and there found on the notice board a place to stay with a Caribbean family who wanted a boarder. In the first month, I received a phone call from my mother with the news that John had passed on at the age of twenty two. The family I was staying with was there with me as I received the news. After I hung up, they shared with me that they had just lost their son, who was in his early thirties. So they understood perfectly. The more I think about all the Masters have done for me, the more I realize how they go before us, and how much we are in their tender loving care.

Toronto Harbor and CN TowerImmediately upon arrival in Toronto I got a strong sense that I should find someone spiritual. All I could think of was to look in the Yellow Pages under “spiritual.” There I only found one listing, “Spiritual Press”. I called that number and the man on the other end was a little perplexed, but agreed I could come by. To cut a long story short, this man had known the Summit Lighthouse Study Group leader for years and gave me her phone number. He also lent me a book called “The Chela and the Path.” He made a point of saying I must bring it back as it was his only copy. I read it all the way through and although I had some idea of what it said as I was reading, when I reached the end I could not remember a thing. All I remembered was the picture of El Morya at the front and wanted to know more about this Master.

I called the Study Group leader who told me they were starting a group on Wednesday nights and the topic was the “Science of the Spoken Word.” Another three new people were there. I had never heard of the Summit Lighthouse, or Elizabeth Clare Prophet, or the Ascended Masters. I had read Edgar Cayce on reincarnation and various other spiritual books.

I remember them starting the lecture with an audio for the first time. I immediately recognized Mother’s voice. It was as if I had known her voice my whole life. It was a miracle. I knew I was home.

“My sheep know My Voice.”

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  1. Pamela your voice at the other end of the Customer Service phone is always welcome! We so often forget that every one has a story of their own journey. God has found us in far-away corners of the world, picked us up and brought us all together in the spirit, if not always in the physical. After all, WE ARE ONE!
    LaQuita Grant

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