Summit University in New York City

November 18-20, 2016

By Rev. David Drye and Sister Justina Torres

New York SU, Nov 2016

In mid-November, a small team traveled to New York City for the weekend Summit University seminar, The Path of the Eastern Adept. Rev. David Drye from the Inner Retreat, and Sister Justina Torres from Chicago, along with her husband Ruben, gathered with the New York Teaching Center board of trustees and many of their members to study the path of the Guru-Chela relationship and learn about the final embodiments of El Morya and Kuthumi as un-ascended adepts.

The center is located on the 4th floor of a six story building in the heart of Manhattan. The sounds of the city were with us throughout the weekend. As priceless teachings were being shared, we could hear jack hammers, sirens, and honking horns. Mark Prophet taught many years ago that one way the forces of darkness show their anger over key spiritual moments in a person’s life, is through using a siren. Remember the sirens from the story of The Odyssey and Odysseus?

After a few hours of the hammers on Saturday, our prayers were answered and quiet returned. In spite of the background sounds from time to time, everyone so enjoyed being in the heart of the masters, in one of the most beautiful chapels we have in our organization.

Some of the key highlights of the weekend were teachings on the path of specific souls and how they faced their tests, a review of the stages of discipleship, excerpts of Mother’s profound Darshan lectures, dictation replays from Saint Germain and Mother Mary, and several workshops on meditation.

The ascended masters tell us that to be an adept is to be unmoved by what takes place around us. Imagine meditating with jackhammers and sirens in the background! This amazing group of chelas was more than a match for the task and wholeheartedly embraced this not-often discussed aspect of our spiritual path. The weekend concluded with a beautiful dictation replay from beloved Lord Maitreya and blessing with the Emerald Matrix.

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