Summit University at Bozeman

By Maureen Macchio

SU in Bozeman - Nov 2016

My husband Joseph and I traveled from the Inner Retreat to Bozeman on November 11th-13th for the SU Seminar The Path of the Bodhisattva Part 2, Develop the Pure Heart with Mighty Cosmos and the Lords of the Seven Rays.

When we arrived at the Bozeman Teaching Center we were so warmly welcomed, and it was so beautiful, we felt we were in an Etheric Retreat of the Ascended Masters.

The sanctuary had a large Buddha with flowers and candles to greet us with heavenly music playing. We were treated to a lecture by Mother on the Path of the Bodhisattva and two dictations.

On Saturday, more unpublished upper room teachings by Mother, workshops, a dictation and communion. On Sunday we learned in depth teachings on the Five Secret Rays.

The music and meditations were profound. We felt so blessed to be part of this very special weekend. However, I did have to loosen my belt a bit the food was so good. And the snacks with the breaks did add a few inches too!

I hope some of you will take advantage of these SU Seminars as they come to your areas of the world.

May God-Victory be with us as we climb the Highest Mountain together.

In Christ love.

Summit University® Path of the Bodhisattva:
Develop the Pure Heart

By Linda Cruce-Robin, Bozeman TC Board President and SU Coordinator

Bozeman recently sponsored the most remarkable Summit University® seminar, Path of the Bodhisattva: “Develop the Pure Heart” conducted by Rev. Carla Groenewegen (November 11-13, 2016.) Going with the flow of the Holy Spirit, when Reverend Carla realized that our crowd consisted of long time Keepers of the Flame, she quickly made changes to the program to include advanced teachings on walking the bodhisattva path. These teachings proved to be very personal and helpful for workshop participants.

Our studies included: techniques for entering the heart chakra, how to determine our major and minor rays, chelaship under the lord of the ray on which we serve, teachings on the five secret rays, and how Parsifal followed the path of the Bodhisattva while on his quest for the Holy Grail. We developed an action plan to increase our service on the path. Along with the clearance of our souls that typically occurs during Summit University® seminars, Rev. Carla was joined by workshop participant, Rev. Kate Gordon, to administer not one, but two blessings, a heart chakra blessing and a third eye blessing.

The release of light at this seminar was so tangibly felt that participants indicated their strong desire to continue their studies in part three of the Path of the Bodhisattva. Quick to please, the coordinators arranged with Rev. Carla to offer the next seminar on May 5-7, 2017. If you live in the greater Bozeman area or in the Paradise Valley and missed this seminar, no worries. You can join us in May for “The Path of the Bodhisattvas – Part 3: Develop the Fiery Heart.” We can’t wait!

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