Florida Seminars, November 2016

By Rev. Bonita Frazier

Miami Florida study group - 2016

On Friday the 4th of November, Rev. Kenneth Frazier and myself were invited to do two scheduled seminars. The first was entitled Understanding the Problem of Race in America – How to Resolve It. This seminar was held at the Mariotte Courtyard Hotel in Boynton Beach, Florida on November 5th and 6th and hosted by the teaching center there.

A very good discussion was had as we explored the races from the point of view of the ascended masters. Our goal was to understand races as rays from the Great Central Sun and the mission of each ray. We saw from the discussion that people in the world do not know their identity and that if they did, they would understand all of us as one people with one Father/Mother God.

We then spent a wonderful few days preparing for the Summit University Seminar: The Path of the Bodhisattva, Part 3 – Develop the Fiery Heart. This seminar took place at their study group location in Miami on the 11-13 of November. It was a two and a half day seminar.

There were 43 participants with one from Peru and one from the Dominican Republic.

This is and was a wonderful Summit University seminar. It focused on the Periods and Stages of the bodhisattva path and particularly about Merlin’s path of the bodhisattva. If you have not had a chance to experience this SU you have something to look forward too. It is fantastic!

There were two Cuban women present, an Art Professor Marian Izada and her daughter Dorian Alonza. Another daughter of hers has made a film entitled “F.” In her story “F” is a classroom grade a young person received on an assignment. He was designated mentally challenged and completed the assignment in a way that revealed his creative genius although he did not fulfill the specific course guidelines. The film was presented as a challenge to the educational system that often rewards mediocrity rather than respecting each child’s innate and sometimes brilliant abilities.

We had a wonderful time with the community members in Boyton Beach and Miami and we will always remember their kindness and generosity.

Included in this article are some photos to give you some images of our weekend.

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