Dawning of a New Day at Chananda Cultural Society

By Rev. Jaspal Soni

India ashram workshop - Nov 20, 2016
India ashram workshop participants – Nov 20, 2016

During this Thanksgiving season, we are grateful to the masters for showering us with bountiful heavenly blessings. At Chananda Cultural Society, many new doors of service are being opened by the angels of beloved Portia, the Goddess of Opportunity.

A New Approach to Workshops

Beginning November 18, we began sharing the teachings at the ashram experimenting with a new approach. It involves breaking each workshop in two parts and limiting each part to no more than two hours. During the past four years, we had conducted several workshops in the New Delhi Metro area and had created several workbooks. We felt it was the most opportune time to make use of the workbooks. India ashram workshop posterThese workbooks are on the following topics:

  • Violet Flame Mantras to Heal, Body, Mind and Soul
  • Overcoming Negatives of Life by the Violet Flame Mantras: A Miracle Gift for You
  • The Creative Power of Sound
  • How to Work With the Angels: Your Guides, Guardians and Friends
  • How to work with the Ascended Masters
  • Are You Kalki? The Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu: The Kalki Avatar!
  • Discover Secrets of Happiness and Prosperity
  • Secrets of Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance

Our goal is to finish one workshop every week in two sittings on Friday and Saturday from noon to 2:00 pm. For people who are unable to attend on those days, we are offering the same workshop on two consecutive Sundays at the same time. We try to present the teachings in Hindi as much as possible. Our experience shows that it is easier for people to understand the teachings when it is offered in their native language.

We are also experimenting with another idea to break down each workshop into three levels i.e., Level 1-3. Level 1 includes basic teachings plus learning how to decree for 15-30 minutes. Level 2 includes intermediate teachings plus decreeing up to one hour while Level 3 involves advance teachings and doing decrees for more than one hour.

India ashram workshop - Nov 25, 2016
India ashram workshop participants – Nov 25, 2016

Our objective is to present the teachings to people who may not be outwardly looking for them and yet seem to be overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges such as: (1) monetary stress, (2) health issues, and (3) relationship problems.

We share the teachings which have practical solutions to the above-listed problems using three main topics: (1) the Chart of the Individualized Self, (2) violet flame, and (3) the science of the spoken word.

We envision all three levels of workshops will be completed by the end of April next year when students will be given their certificates for having attended the classes.

Violet Flame in Indian Currency

New 2000 rupee note

On November 9, 2016 the Indian Government demonetized the existing currency notes of Rupees 500 and 1,000 and reintroduced new currency denominations of Rupees 2,000 and 500. While the color of Rupees 500 did not change much, the color of Rupees 2,000, which has been introduced for the first time in India, is amazingly violet/purple. Thank you beloved Saint Germain and violet flame masters for bringing the awareness of the violet flame blessings every day into the hands and use of the people of India!

Outreach via Radio Shows

On November 17, we had an opportunity to share the teachings on a live talk show at a community radio station located at the end of an about one-and-a-half-hour drive from Delhi. We were interviewed by a young lady who was a gracious hostess. She opened up the program by asking us to give an overview of Chananda Cultural Society and then asked a few questions about the teachings. We shared the teachings on the Chart of the I AM Presence, violet flame and the science of the spoken word. She also works at another radio station much closer to Delhi and has invited us to be on her radio shows there. We met with her boss afterwards who was also very gracious and offered to introduce us to a bigger audience in the future. We felt the presence of the masters and Mother very strongly.

Taking on the 30-day Violet Flame Challenge

Beginning, November 14, we initiated a new spiral of sending the 30-Day Violet Flame Challenge tips to our members and to inquirers on our list which totals over 400 people. This is a joyous offering of violet flame from the heart of beloved Saint Germain, flooding the people of Mother India. Hail Saint Germain!

Thank you for your prayers and loving support!

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