How I Found the Teachings

By Carmen Bocanegra

Carmen Bocanegra with Rev Erika Klugler
Carmen Bocanegra with Rev. Erika Klugler at the Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru.

So there I was, dancing on the Valentines’ Day Ball at the World Trade Center in New York, with my brother and future sister-in-law. All of a sudden, I glimpsed at a beautiful lady wearing white pants and jacket outfit. I was only able to see her back, but her presence and demeanor called my attention. Suddenly, I realized that this beautiful lady was Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I was prompted to meet her and to introduced myself but, my dweller stopped me and whispered in my ear: “That is the famous Elizabeth Clare Prophet… no need to introduce yourself.”

Some years passed and my life had not regained the order that I expected. I was not living the life that I thought I deserved and many times I wondered why. There was one particular experience that really shook my world and I could not understand what was going on, why was this happening to me if I was a nice girl. Tired of being thrown against the rocks by the waves of the ocean, I decided to bend the knee and accept the Will of my Father in my life. I said: “OK, God, I will not be disobedient anymore and I will follow your Will. If you want me to be in the Teachings, I will do so.” I opened the drawer of my night table and I found a tape with the song for Saint Germain, the one that says: “Saint Germain, I give my heart to you, come fill me…” I listened to the song and indeed I needed to be filled by Saint Germain’s love, compassion and his miraculous Violet Flame.

A few months later, I attended my first conference and the first dictation I heard was from beloved Saint Germain, this happened in the summer of 2001.

Today, I am grateful that I am serving at Headquarters and I am even more grateful for my brother who introduced me to the teachings and for this lady who gave her life for all of us, beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet, our dear Guru Ma.

Life is not perfect but it is good, there is a sense of being in a journey. There is the sense of knowing where to stop to rest and where not to stop, not even to rest. There is this bliss at times that fills my whole being, but above all, there is the love from God and the Masters that shines to light my way.

I AM a daughter of God who has found the way, the way that I lost for so many centuries. At last, facing my Mighty I AM Presence. Thank you God, Masters and you, our beautiful dreamer, our beloved Guru Ma.

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