2016 National Elections Prayer Vigil

By Sister Elizabeth St. Clair

“Pursuing, therefore, the solution to world problems, we are determined that the prayer vigil for world freedom, held in our Washington, D.C. Teaching Center, should be repeated again and again.” (Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 26 No. 51, Beloved Nada, December 14, 1983).

Washington DC prayer vigi l -2016The Summit Lighthouse of Washington, D.C. teaching center, as suggested by Beloved Nada, repeats the prayer vigil in Washington, D.C. every four years during the election for the next president of the United States of America. We host the national elections prayer vigil because of the manipulation of the unreal.

As Saint Germain says:

“My beloved Keepers of the Flame, I have been concerned regarding the state of the nation’s consciousness, in particular the basis on which people do or do not discriminate concerning the selection of leaders in every field. I am even more concerned, as you have become, as to the manipulation of the government and the economy behind the scenes by secret societies, various conspiracies not even known to you, and those organizations that have been clearly defined in the lectures of the Messenger.” (Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 27 No. 31, El Morya and Saint Germain, June 8, 1984).

It takes a community of Lightbearers to plan and put together a prayer vigil. “There is no accomplishment without a vision or a goal well-defined. When you write down a goal and a set of tasks that must be performed to reach a goal, you are putting forth in the written word the image of the Path. And this becomes the alchemy—a plan that is numbered, steps that are taken one by one and in the order of the Logos of that hidden man of the heart.” (Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 26 No. 51, Beloved Nada, December 14, 1983).

We, at the Washington, D.C. Teaching Center put together a plan, defined the tasks and created an image of the path that we could all follow. The whole community helped bring the plan to fruition and we were also able to engage headquarters which helped us reach our goal of more than 100 people attending the prayer vigil.

It was a joy to decree and know that we were doing the work that God wanted us to do. The matrix was powerful and reached all corners of the United States and the world. I can still the feel reverberations throughout our planet. Let us all carry the golden vibrations forward through the election cycle. If you want to listen again you can go to on demand broadcasts and scroll down to the US National Elections Prayer Vigil. Also, watch for the TSL Announcement about the decree service right before Election Day.

Thank you to all who helped us reach our goal. Mark your calendars for 4 years from September 2016 for the next National Elections Prayer Vigil, September 2020.

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  1. It was a fantastic opportunity to travel to Washington for this prayer vigil and be with blazing, devoted, striving, Chelas of America.
    With gratitude
    Robin Bourke

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