Holding the Balance for Europe from Barcelona

by Judith Mestre

Barcelona Spain study group

Undoubtedly, Barcelona is the city with many charms. It has something that makes its visitors feel comfortable. Its temperate weather with four well-defined seasons, its location between the sea and the mountains, the good food produced by a fertile soil, the beautiful landscape of its surroundings, and its social-skilled and festive people are some of its traits.

Europe is living convulsed times due to the terrorist attacks which have terrified tourists causing them to fear visiting a classic tourist enclave: Paris, as well as the overall country of France.

This unfortunate event has caused security concerns for many visitors, including the French themselves, so they choose Barcelona and its surroundings – the city, the beaches, the mountains, and nearby islands – for their vacation.

Barcelona study groupIn these difficult times, I might not be mistaken when I say that the Study Groups in Europe have as one of their primary goals to hold the balance for the old continent, because of the perils and dangers that threaten it.

The Barcelona Study Group, I must say, undertakes this mission with tenacity for its area of influence ― the Catalan region and southern Europe including France and Italy, aside from the rest of the Spanish territory, the balance for which is held also by the other Study Groups in Spain.

The flame at the altar in Barcelona is fed by a solid group of decreers who, although not high in number, are devoted and generous-hearted.

Two years ago, the group leaders established a retreat over the Pyrenees, the range which is a natural political border with France. In these beautiful and ancient mountains, days or weeks-long retreats are held hosting presentations, decree sessions, and communion with the marvelous landscape of this magnificent site. (For more info about the group retreats visit www.ccsgspain.org.)

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