Resuming Outreach Activities at the Ashram

by Rev. Jaspal Soni

After spending a three-month long summer vacation in the USA, I returned to India fully reenergized in early September to resume our outreach activities. On Sunday, September 25, we conducted our one–day workshop on a well-known topic, “How to Use the Creative Power of Sound to Master Life’s Problems” at the famous public venue, the India Habitat Center. The workshop was attended by several new seekers as well as old members. It began at 10:00 am and concluded at 5:00 pm and included a delicious vegetarian luncheon and a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon tea/coffee break. We had advertised the workshop in a new age popular monthly publication, Life Positive Magazine and a couple of local newspapers, including the popular Times of India.

Jaspal giving the violet agni workshop

The workshop focused on the following ten aspects of sound and its effects in our daily lives:

  1. The Creative Power of Sound;
  2. Why Sound is So Powerful?;
  3. The Secret Power of Sound as Music;
  4. Effects of Music;
  5. The Secret Power of Sound as the Spoken Word;
  6. Contacting God Through the Spoken Word;
  7. Why Decrees Command Heaven’s Response?;
  8. Three Parts of a Decree;
  9. Tips to Maximize Decree Output; and
  10. Seven Fundamental Principles of the Science of the Spoken Word.

India outreach group photo

The presence of the Holy Spirit, masters and Mother and Mark was very tangible during the workshop. The highlights of the workshop were three powerful testimonials shared by the attendees.

One couple who came with their young daughter from the neighboring town of Gurgaon for the first time, told the group that a day before they had visited an agricultural fair held in New Delhi where some farmers from Kazakhstan (a country in Northern Central Asia) had brought hand-woven rugs for sale. For some reason, the farmers were unable to sell most of their merchandise and were worried thinking about the cost of shipping it back. This couple bought all of their rugs at a good price which made the farmers happy and relieved. The farmers told the couple that they had been praying to Saint Michael to send someone who will buy their rugs and that Michael had indeed responded to their prayers. This couple had never heard about Michael before and did not understand what the farmer meant. During the workshop, when we introduced Archangel Michael and showed his picture, this couple was very much moved and shared their story with the group with grateful hearts!

Another person who also had come for the first time to the workshop said that he was gainfully employed by the IBM Corporation in India until recently when he was diagnosed with the last stages of cancer. He left his job to tend to medical care and got miraculously healed. He said that he was touched by the Holy Spirit during the workshop and had found a renewed purpose of life.

Violet flame workshop attendee with her certificateAnother Sikh gentleman who had attended our Sunday meetings at the ashram earlier this year said that he was also touched by the Holy Spirit during the workshop and offered his help in taking the message of the teachings to the Sikh community in New Delhi metropolitan area.

We sold several books and CDs and gave certificates of attendance at the conclusion of the workshop as it is the common practice here. We invited everyone to come to the ashram for more mini-workshops on other ascended masters’ topics and also to the weekly Sunday services. We gave the link of the Ascended Master Encyclopedia to enable people to find more information about the teachings.

The Chananda Cultural Society would like to thank everyone for your prayers in making this workshop a God-Victorious Success!

India outreach book sales

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