Second Year of Summit University at the Pyrenees

By the sisters Rev. Neus and Rev. Rosalia Pares

We’ve just finished our four seminars of Summit University, The Fire of Initiation, in the Pyrenees with great victories!!

This month of August has been very intense and the students have gone through some significant changes in their own lives. They were all amazed with the teaching and the environment where everything took place. The “Pioneer experiment” we tried consisted of serving the Masters both ways, as volunteers during a whole week and as students for another week.

This is the second year we have had the experience of having 17 students each week of August plus 5 volunteers and two presenters.

Estudiantes en los Pirineos

Everyone, without exception, has expressed their desire to come back next year to repeat the experience, not only attending SU, but serving and helping in the kitchen. There has been a great sense of fellowship and mutual cooperation; besides, it’s been a marvelous way to better know each other.

Estudiantes en los Pirineos 2

This year we have also added, apart from the yoga sessions before lunch, hiking excursions around our property before supper. We have enjoyed our meals outdoors of 25 people at the table where we have shared our stories and daily anecdotes, being this the time for us to enjoy community.

At about 2-minute walk from the house we have placed our particular “Camelot” in the middle of the woods, a little tent where the picture of El Morya sat in a chair with his crown and a sword Excalibur was plunged in a stone. Here we were able to go and commune with El Morya; this is something the students cherished to do and this place became one of the favorite shrines for them during breaks.

altar de El Morya

altar de El Morya 2

We also have, in a nook amid the oak trees in a little hill, a replica of the Virgin of Medjugorje brought from former Yugoslavia. We dedicated this nook to the Virgin and here the whole group prayed daily the rosary.

statue de la Madre Maria


The very last week we had the great fortune to receive the visit of our Spiritual Director, Rev. David Drye. He imparted the SU class for the group leaders in Spain. We also had a leadership retreat where we learned much about the Science of the Spoken Word and some other teachings.

nos visitara  nuestro Director Espiritual, Rv, David Drye

It’s been a Great Summer, lots of Joy!! We have felt very united and grateful to God. We all await, very impatient, the opportunity to enjoy next year a new Summit University at the Pyrenees in Lerida.

Caballeros de la Llama

Also we celebrated the vow of the knight and the flame of Camelot.

Estudiantes en los Pirineos

Estudiantes en los Pirineos

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