Summer Summit University in England

The Study Group and Summer Summit University

By Rev. Christine Johnson

The Summit Lighthouse UK, a newly chartered study group, and the Holland Teaching Center co-sponsored a 2½ day Summit University seminar in London, The Path of the Bodhisattva, Part 1, Develop the Compassionate Heart. Forty-three attendees came from twelve countries; four very enthusiastic new seekers attended.

Sister Joyce Carels and I presented the seminar. The event took place in a lovely hotel in Central London. Venus Senyah was presented to the community and was baptized Venus Kuan Yin Senyah.

Summit University in the UK - 2016

A testimonial from one of the new attendees, “I feel I greatly benefited and transformed. I sensed a peaceful support and love from this wonderful community.”

Another attendee shared, “I came back feeling so uplifted and I have been remembering to turn to Kuan Yin’s mantras whenever I need help, such as getting around with all the luggage. The use of one mantra helped me to receive help at every step of the way, so I did not have to be stressed.”

SU in UK - Kwan Yin event

Attendees left with options to stay connected and involved. Joyce Carels and Rosa van Wegen presented a PowerPoint presentation about the European broadcast which offers a free subscription to daily online decree sessions and services. I shared that I host two bi-monthly conference call study groups for attendees who would like further study of the teachings. If anyone would like more information regarding these outreach activities, please contact us at:

History of the Summit Lighthouse UK

altar at SU - UK - 2016The Summit Lighthouse UK is a newly formed online chartered study group in the United Kingdom. We have weekly study group conference calls and recently co-sponsored Summit University in London with the Holland Teaching Center.

The conference calls originated in 2012 in the UK. The intent was to reach Keepers of the Flame, Communicants and seekers who are not close to the London sanctuary. The participants on the calls have extended to include people from many countries. There are two monthly series of calls. There is a introductory call twice per month and a Keeper of the Flame call twice per month. The Keeper of the Flame call studies the masters’ teaching on psychology. People can join via Skype or their phones.

History of the Holland Study Group and Teaching Center

By Joyce Carels

In 1979 an unchartered Study Group was started in Amsterdam by two Keepers who attended two levels of SU in Camelot. In 1981 Mother gave the first European Conference The Dawning of Your God Consciousness in Ellecom, The Netherlands. That is when Saint Germain spoke for the first time on European soil after his embodiment as The Wonderman of Europe. Saint Germain summoned the Dutch Keepers to come to Summit University and many went to Camelot for one or two levels, where they also went stumping with Mother.

In 1982 the group became a Chartered Study Group and the Keepers who came back from Camelot started stumping Holland and Europe. This led to a tremendous growth of the group. In 1983 the official non-profit organization was established, called The Summit Lighthouse of Holland Foundation.

In 1985 there was another stump throughout 30 cities in Holland and Belgium to prepare for Mother’s lecture in Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, October 22, 1985. The location was packed with 900 attendants. Mother closed her European lecture series with a second European Conference “Seminar for World Teachers” in Flevohof, The Netherlands. The Dutch group was responsible for the organization.

In 1986 the group moved from Amsterdam to Hilversum and many Keepers left for America after a call of Saint Germain. Within the next four years the group moved from Hilversum to Zutphen, Rotterdam, Soest and back to Amsterdam in 2000. In 2001 the publishing house Amethyst Press was founded. In 2004 the first SU seminar Alchemy and the Givingness of Self was organized in Baarlo, The Netherlands, and presented by Rev. Carla Groenewegen.

At the end of 2004 there was a division in the group that almost meant the end of the Study Group. In 2005 the focus moved to The Hague and at a certain point there was almost no one left. With help of Rev. Carla Groenewegen, an interim board was established and the reconstruction started. It was clearly a new cycle with new people and new ways. In a way, the crisis caused a necessary purification for a next level of service.

In 2006, two Dutch board members were involved in starting the European RoundTable which meant the beginning of a new cycle of European Conferences in 2006 (Kemmenau), 2007 (Rome), 2009 (Paris) and 2011 (Berlin) and the establishment of the European broadcast (2008). In 2009 the Study Group became a Teaching Center, the first TC in Europe. The instantaneous increase of light was very noticeable.

In 2010 the focus moved to Amersfoort, where it remains today. In 2015 we organized our first fully Dutch SU seminar The Odyssey of Your Soul and we are preparing for our second in 2017, The Path of the Eastern Adept.

Our group is growing steadily. We have about 60 Keepers in Holland and Belgium, and about half of them attend the Teaching Center. We have a Board of five and a core group of fourteen. We also have a Lay Brother and a Lay Sister in our group.

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