Violet Flame Rain at Mother Mary’s Sacred Waters

by Rev. Sammy Aryee

One lonely summer morning in Corwin Springs after coffee, I had this experience. I took a walk to admire nature around Mother Mary’s sacred waters site with my camera…my only companion. Later, the birds welcomed me outside.

I thought that it would be a great time to talk to Mother Mary and experience what the warm sacred waters really looked and felt like. Curiously approaching the gushing waters, I tried some video shots.

Mother Mary's Sacred Waters

These attached photos are strictly un-edited.

The gentle gushing spring of the geothermal water turned into something else as I continued to admire the architecture of the site with the perspective of a fine artist on tour.

Mother Marys Sacred WatersAs I videoed the rhythm of the gushing water, I noticed that blue-violet-green-diamond-like pebbles began to float on the water at the neck of the large round hole as the very warm water gushed out.

I continued with the shots. Something very strange enticed me!

Mother Mary's Sacred Waters

Violet colored rain started to fall gently. Then it increased with speed. I didn’t feel anything wet on my skin, but the violet rain developed into green-violet and much later on the outer, a blast of white iridescent light descended at terrific speed into the base of the well. Strange enough the violet–green-light all ended up in diamond-like floating pebbles at the base of the well.

Strangely, much later, they all disappeared in seconds. What an awesome show.

Mother Mary's Sacred Waters

The violet shaft intensified with a wider diameter of hues. Later, emerald green appeared and intensified into leaf green rays, then faded into violet again. An orchestra of colors!

Several hours, I pondered over this experience. Thanks to the teachings. I remembered violet flame as the universal healing solvent. Now it’s live.

Now I know…Violet flame is the power behind Mother Mary’s healing Sacred Waters.

So everyone, let’s have more subscriptions to Saint Germain’s violet flame crusade.

11 Responses to Violet Flame Rain at Mother Mary’s Sacred Waters

  1. VOW, what an amazing testimonial and heavenly images of the violet flame healing rain from Mother Mary!
    Thank you dear Sammy for sharing this heart-touching story!

  2. Beautiful pictures and heartwarming testimonial that the world needs to see and hear that the violet flame is alive!

  3. Wow! Thank you so VERY much for sharing your story and those amazing photos! Your photos helped me understand why my health has improved as my level of daily degrees to the violet flame have increased.

  4. Thank you for capturing the Violet Flame in photos. I pray every day for the Violet Flame but to see it while others are seeing it is truly a gift! And what a gift to Reverend Aryee!

  5. Namaste from India.
    U r so blessed . U witnessed such a lovely divine shower . Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing experience . Our love for violet flame has grown many folds . Grateful .
    God bless u with serenity , compassion n grace .
    Mohani from Delhi

  6. Amazing testimony! Thank you for sharing this profound blessing, Sammy! I hope you can soon return to other divine experiences.

  7. Lovely experience…Thank you Rev. Sammy for sharing. Thank you Saint Germain for giving us the Violet Flame.

  8. Que gran consuelo estas fotos, desde la lejanía doy gracias por su misericordia, a la Madre Maria, por su amor compasivo que derrama sobre todos los que volvemos nuestros ojos hacia ella y mil gracias a la persona que ha compartido estas imágenes, desde la lejania con estas fotos puedo hacer visualizaciones bañandome en la cascada de esta fuente gloriosa para mi purificacion y sostener la vision de todo ser existente purificandose y visulizar, si la Madre Maria me lo concede, de verme alla en persona de regreso por su misericordia y para la gloria de Dios. Que así sea para toda criatura de Dios.

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