Ushering in a Golden Age—Russian Style!

By Rev. Lois Drake

Rev. Elena Nicholson and I had the honor of visiting towns all over Russia in May and June, 2016. The purpose of our volunteer trip was to offer retreats on the Guru-Chela Relationship for the groups in various locations. We also provided sacraments and mentoring on whatever personal or group issues were on their hearts.

Russia 2016 report

However, as everyone knows, the more your serve, the more you receive! Elena and I felt that the love, blessings and inspiration showered upon us far outweighed our humble efforts. We were awed by the stalwart hearts on fire in Russia holding the balance for the Golden Age to come. And, we were buoyed by the tangible presence of the Messengers and the Masters through the services and the dictations played. Here we are with the group in Krasnodar in southern Russia.


image001Everywhere in Russia we felt the presence of Mother and Lanello, as well as the ascended masters who have been saints or great figures in Russian history. Remember, that Mother and Lanello were embodied in Russia as the children of the last Tzar before darkness overtook Russia through the Bolshevik Revolution and communism. Here is a beautiful picture of Mother in her embodiment as Princess Tatiana, one of the daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra. I felt her flame especially in what were once the family living quarters in The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg and in the Summer Palace, built by Catherine the Great, in Pushkin.

image003And, here is Lanello as Tatiana’s brother, Prince Alexey, who was meant to be the next Tzar. All members of their family were killed by the Bolsheviks and Mother and Lanello’s mission in Russia was not fulfilled. On February 28, 1987, during Lanello’s Ascension Day Service, Mother said that Lanello is the ascended master to whom you can call for all matters concerning Russia.

Everywhere we went, there was a great feast prepared for us. Here is a sample of the delicious homemade food at the Moscow Study Group.

meals with soul

We loved the beautiful blessings through beautiful hearts. Here is the Moscow Group getting ready for lunch (left). We felt right at home! We also enjoyed our “working lunches” in Saint Petersburg (right)

Russia - eating together 1

Here we are in Rostov on Don (right) and another feast in Krasnodar (left).

Russia - eating together 2

Pies to dies forI don’t want you to think that I only focus on FOOD, but check out these pies in Tikvin! Now I’m sure that you must be convinced that you should visit Russia if only for their delicious, wholesome and healthy meals and fellowship!

But there is much more I love about Russia and all they do to usher in the Golden Age with their devoted hearts.

For example, I love their forms of entertainment, such as singing around the campfire in Tikvin!

Russia - campfire gathering

russian decree bookI love their decree book with English on one side and Russian on the other!

Family chapel at Summer Palace in PushkinAt left is the restored family chapel in the Summer Palace in Pushkin. I also love the resurgence of religion and the restoration of beautiful churches and monasteries. Everywhere I see people going to the church to pray and light candles. Truly these are people devoted to the inner light and to the Divine Mother and Jesus. Below is a view from the top of a cathedral in Saint Petersburg.

View of Saint Petersburg

The Russian-speaking people have been through many wars and hardships, yet they have endured it all with strength, discipline, and devotion. As we went from city to city, I was overwhelmed by the generosity, the hard work, and the humble devotion—not only of Keepers of the Flame—but of ordinary people praying in the churches or helping at the stores. I saw the purity and innocence of the children. I saw the serious problems of drinking and depression. I saw the love and reliance on God especially through Mary and Jesus, as well as other saints such as Saint Sergius (an embodiment of El Morya), Nicholas Roerich, and Igor. Paintings by Nicholas Roerich remind us of these great souls.

Roerich and paintings

I’m sure many of us feel deep ties to Russia. After all, one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the tribe of Reuben, incarnated in Russia. In the Old Testament of the Bible we are told that Rueben was the eldest son of Jacob, but his karma necessitated that his responsibilities as the eldest were given to his brother Joseph’s sons. Of course, Joseph was an embodiment of Jesus. Now is the time for Reuben, and all the tribes and nations, to come together in love to fulfill our destinies.

Statue of Mother RussiaAfter the Bolshevik Revolution, when the Tzar and his family were killed, our messengers then embodied in the United States of America and fulfilled their missions here by delivering the teachings of the ascended masters through The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant. For many years, they and their students have prayed for Russia—and for each of us. The fruit is that now many lightbearers have been cut free in Russia so that our two nations, and others, can fulfill their brotherhood.

In 1975 Saint Germain anchored a flame of freedom in the heart of this statue of Mother Russia* (at right), as well as in other statues around the world, including the Statue of Liberty.

Remember, the sons and daughters of God in Russia, live in proximity of the retreats of Beloved Might Astrea and Beloved Cyclopea, and so they take on those characteristics. Look at the vision given to our souls in the thousands of paintings by Nicholas Roerich. And, look at the symbol on a door in the royal palace. Does it look familiar?

circle and sword image

The Russian-speaking people never give up in the face of adversity! Their country is bursting with faith and love of God. They hold the vision. They work with strength and discipline. They carry on in the face of all obstacles.

Saint Germain over Russia...or the US ...or India...These are people intended to be our brothers and sisters. There are a few quatrains that some Nostradamus commentators believe indicate that the United States and Russia will work together to conquer in a war against Middle Eastern or Asiatic invaders of Europe.

And Jesus says in 1983, “The world has attempted to cast in the role of Gog and Magog the United States of America and the Soviet Union. I say, Nay! They shall not so cast America in that role, nor shall they cast the lightbearers and the freedom-fighters of Mother Russia simply because the fallen ones are engaged as the Adversary in locked combat.”**

We do not need war to bring us together! Or, to separate us. We need the violet flame and holding the immaculate concept for these great nations. We need love of one another, starting with us.

That’s what we are doing, isn’t it? We are carrying on the fight against darkness by looking toward the sun, the Great Central Sun and the I AM THAT I AM—and by uniting in goodwill and love.

*November 20, 1977. Published as Footnote 1, Pearl of Wisdom Vol 21 No 6, Feb 5, 1978
**November 24, 1983 Pearl of Wisdom Vol 26, No 56, December 27, 1983

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  1. Wonderful witness and reminder of our dear Russian brothers and sisters. Love to you both Lois and Elena for being there to ministers to the Russian soul – so deep and mystical. Love, Neroli

  2. What a wonderful accounting of your trip to Russia. I felt so much love for the our Russian brothers and sister as I read your story and saw their beautiful faces. Thank you!

  3. Thank you!

    For extending through this message, that aura of intense and authentic brotherhood and christ love which is present in all of us, sons and daughters of GOD.

    Sending from my heart the returning flow of that intense love to all around the world, connected to our teachings …


  4. Thank you, dear Lois, for this article! I really engoyed reading about Russia and Russian people here! So wonderful to feel deep love towards Russia expressed in your words! They opened my eyes to the things I didn’t notice before. Thanks a lot!

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