Secrets of True Prosperity- Minneapolis

Keys to Attaining True Prosperity

International Coordinated Outreach Presentations
Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 7th and June 9th, 2016

By Karen Brewer

Morya - resurrection flame

Sharing the bounties of the universe through scientific visualization techniques?

How to think big and claim your divine inheritance?

Decluttering for clarity and prosperity?

These and other abundance principles were presented at the Minneapolis Teaching Center on May 5th and June 9th in a two-part International Coordinated Outreach (ICO) program.

On May 5th, Carolyn Meier and Betsy Hoppe presented Secrets of True Prosperity. Thirty people attended and learned the 5 Secrets of Prosperity: 1) Be grateful for everything that happens to you; 2) Forgive yourself; 3) Abandon Anxiety; 4) Fire Up Your Faith; and 5) Visualize.

Carole and Betsy - Prosperity seminar

Part two, Keys to Attaining True Prosperity was presented on June 9th by Betsy Hoppe and Maria Davis. This program taught hands-on practical keys to increasing abundance (spiritual and material) in your life. Thirteen people attended (including one new person) and learned the three Keys to True Prosperity: 1) Clear your subconscious; 2) Practice the Science of the Immaculate Concept; and 3) Create a Treasure Map. A unique design for a treasure map was presented based on the feng shui bagua. The bagua was used as the design grid on the treasure map to place images for precipitation in 8 specific areas of your life.

Attendees received handouts with the prosperity principles, the bagua treasure map design, and spiritual affirmations for success to manifest each of the five Secrets of Prosperity and the three Keys. Our final affirmation that we gave as a group was: “Life is abundant–here, now and forever. Wherever I AM, it needs only to be tapped.”


Plans were made at the conclusion of the second program to start a book study on prosperity teachings at the Minneapolis Teaching Center. Betsy Hoppe made a treasure map for the book study and volunteers from the community have come forward to start the program in August. Our new prosperity book study is for new students and old members. The goal is to have ongoing outreach programs at the teaching center that new students can join at any time.

Congratulations to the chelas in Minneapolis!

“Hear O Universe, I AM grateful!”
“All this or something better Lord!”

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  1. Glad to see that outreach is still going on at the Minneapolis Teaching Center. Hope you all are well and thriving. I’m in a seacoast town in New England. I think of myself as a lighthouse for the area….as we all are in our own unique ways.

    Always Victory!

    Linda Nix

  2. A novel approach of presenting this vast and much-needed topic of ‘Secrets of True Prosperity’ in two creative parts. Congratulations!

  3. It am in Johannesburg South Africa am a keeper of the flame since 1998 I would love to To be able to study your courses on the Secrets of True Prosperity and the treasure map that you taught. Could you please forward me whatever you are willing to for me to have by the Grace of GOD.

    Thank you Always Victory


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