The Ascended Masters’ Ashram in Darjeeling, Part 2

by Revs. Jaspal Soni and Lois Drake

Jaspal India ashram lecture

Blessed ones of God, it is to the saving of the earth that we call twin flames in service. It is to the saving of the earth that all have come. Focus, then, thy desiring and thy love to this end. Give thy life to the cutting free of India, America, first and foremost holding the balance of heart and head unto the planet.” (Beloved Chananda, Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 28, No. 32, August 11, 1985)

Like every year, the recently concluded summer conference and Summit University events at the Inner Retreat were heavenly experiences. The Chananda Cultural Society was given two opportunities to share the update news of its ongoing activities in India.

First Update: The first update was given during the Leadership Conclave on July 1 at the Lighthouse Restaurant situated across the Yellowstone River on Hwy 89. More than 80 people were in attendance that evening. Using a PowerPoint presentation, we gave an overview of the outreach work being done in New Delhi, including spreading the violet flame, weekly Sunday meetings held at the ashram by faithful Keepers of the Flame, and two quarterly newsletters: Star of India (for the global audience) and The Violet Flame Voice (for our Indian audience) that are gaining popularity. The presence of the Chananda Cultural Society on the website and Facebook is also well-established.

During the fall, a one-day workshop on ‘The Creative Power of Sound’ is scheduled to be held in New Delhi on September 26. The pocketbook, Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul is being translated into Hindi and will be ready to go to the publisher in early 2017. More outreach events are planned for winter and spring 2017 in other cities surrounding New Delhi. A radio and television ministry is planned in 2018.Jaspal India ashram lecture

Second Update: The second update was given at a special open meeting held on June 30 at Lois’ residence during the lunch break from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm. More than 20 persons attended. Following were the points of discussion:

  1. Ashram in Darjeeling: The meeting began by sharing a brief history about how it all started with devotees from the West who went to India in three pilgrimages in 2009, 2011 and 2013. They visited several cities and engaged in doing spiritual work for clearing of the energies. In September 2015, sixty-five students attended the first-ever Summit University in Darjeeling and heard the dictation given by beloved El Morya through Mark Prophet in 1970 in Darjeeling in which the Master had stated that someday the masters may decide to have a ‘physical focus’ in that city. He explained what that would accomplish for the planet:

    “We would free the world to understand that in a spirit of oneness in the heart, the light from the heart can prepare the way for the coming of the golden age.  And if, then, we decide to open a physical focus of our light here in Darjeeling, it will also be the tying together of the hemisphere here with the hemisphere there.  And it will come to pass that we will be the binding up the world and binding it up so that the golden age may manifest more quickly. This, however, is up to humanity. It is up to those who respond to the light to make their own determination.” (Beloved El Morya, April 9, 1970, Unpublished dictation used by permission of Summit Publications, Inc.)

    The SU students in Darjeeling gave their thoughtful feedback to El Morya’s comment during their small group discussions under the ‘World Service Project.’ Their response was overwhelming, unequivocal and unanimous. Everyone felt that the time is now for the establishment of El Morya’s ashram in Darjeeling. The outcome of these deliberations allowed us to move forward with this task by forming four committees: (1) the Fund-raising Committee; (2) the Spiritual Committee; (3) the Publicity, Education and Outreach Committee, and (4) the Youth Committee. In December 2015, a fund-raising letter was sent to the pilgrims who had attended SU in Darjeeling with a goal of raising $250,000. The letter was published in the summer 2016 issue of the Star of India newsletter.  It was distributed to the worldwide readership in May 2016. To date approximately $24,000 has been raised. The goal is to raise $250,000 by the end of 2017.

  1. Research in Progress: The Spiritual Committee shared the importance of having an ashram in Darjeeling against the backdrop of the critical role that India and America play as twin flame nations on the world scene through the figure eight flow between them in transmuting the planetary karma. Their research shows that there are 355 dictations given by the masters that mentioned India in them. The committee has also identified 25 subject items on India-related issues that require making calls. They are looking into identifying and listing dispensations that have been given to the twin flame nations. These will be included in developing annual India focus call sheets and hourly calls to Sanat Kumara. Other items on the drawing board include, developing webinars explaining issues related to the twin flame nations of India and America, quarterly demags for India and America and daily consecration of India to the immaculate heart of Mother Mary.
  2. Next Steps: The initial plans are to pay a visit to Darjeeling by some committee members in the fall of 2017 to assess the location and cost of the ashram property and make plans for a grand inauguration opening of El Morya’s ashram in 2018.

Jaspal India ashram lecture

The Chananda Cultural Society is grateful and extends our heart-felt thanks for your kind support and prayers!

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  1. God Bless you and all who are working to anchor the Light in India. Good fortune on your fundraising. I truly enjoy your newsletter!

  2. Several years ago I heard the live dictation by Chananda and the need for a study group in India. He sounded so sad. When I read this I knew his request has been met. India is a big country and needs more study groups.

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