My Approach to the Teachings

By Robin Bourke

Robin Bourke

“Send me a teacher!” I cried to the universe in January 1985. The Adyar Bookshop in Sydney, Australia displayed a picture of a Swiss woman in traditional dress and another woman – Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Mother entered the “Cross” conference room early one Sunday morning. Thirty people came to hear Mrs. Prophet who wore a pink dress and taught us Archangel Michael’s decree.

Thrilled and in awe I bought as many books and tapes as I could carry including a sixteen cassette album about Hiawatha. I loved America and the poetry of Hiawatha nurtured my inner child.

My friends and family always said I was “unusual” but that was because I felt compelled to think-outside-the-square. This has been my approach to the path. I love new ideas and the eclectic way Mother introduced new thoughts and spiritual insights.

One approach to the path for me has been to read the Pearls of Wisdom. They are magnificent holy letters on politics, the world order, food, language and most of all the messengers’ leadership of always being in hot pursuit of God. I used just one sentence from a Pearl as a mantra to help me focus: “I will be God’s will of victory in manifestation this day and every day.”

The trait of non-attachment was not a strong point for me. Good appearance, presentation and beauty as I saw it held great appeal. Shallow as it may be, I married my second husband partly because he was so good looking. I felt like God and closer to God if I had my house and possessions and clothing tidy, clean and looking as beautiful as possible. Having beauty around me helped me keep my mind on God.

Jobs, cars, money, family and friends held so much joy and some pain that I always wanted to thank God. One of the most exciting mantras about the Teachings was ”Hear O Universe, I am grateful.” We all need supply to keep on the path and a tape of “Our Lady of Good Remedy” and a two cassette album where Mother says what does “L I D G T T F T A T I M*” stand for? Helped me to keep pursuing God. If I find myself feeling proud I say “Thou the all, I the nothing!”

A big part of my approach to the Teachings has been the local Study Group Board. I volunteered as secretary, treasurer and conducted services. This was a wonderful flow. I thought I was helping, but in reality I was being helped and brought onward and upward beyond my dreams.

Happy dreams of finding God made me smile and have good will to all men. I filled my senses with the sounds of decrees and songs and pictures large and small from Summit University Press. I slowly realized the Masters really did want us to get to know them and be just like them.

*Lord I do give Thee thanks for the abundance that is mine.

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