Diet of the Eastern Adept

By Marshall Haley

Diet of the Easter AdeptDuring the July 6–10, 2016 Summit University session, macrobiotic cooking classes were conducted by Royal Teton Ranch chef Jennie Hayward, assisted by Zoya Reed, also a macrobiotic chef.

Warren King, Minneapolis acupuncturist, led off each evening session with a 20-minute talk on one of the five elements and their correspondence to a pair of organs and the effects various foods have on those organs. Warren has written a book on the five elements based on traditional Chinese medicine (available through the The Summit Lighthouse (TSL) bookstore in Corwin Springs, Montana). Warren has used that ancient wisdom in treating more than 9,500 clients over the past 20+ years.

During the remaining 90 minutes of the evening sessions, Jennie and Zoya demonstrated cooking methods using common macrobiotic dishes and condiments. They also fielded questions from their 45 students regarding the effects of various foods on general health and on the organs Warren discussed.

Jennie Hayward and her sister, Celeste Westerbeek, introduced our beloved Mother of the Flame to macrobiotic cooking and philosophy starting in 1987. That led Mother to devote many hours of teaching our members the benefits of what El Morya first described as a diet of “grains, vegetables and foods from the sea that should be sufficient for Keepers of the Flame” in an October 1958 Pearl of Wisdom. Mother later termed that essential description of the macrobiotic diet “the diet of the Eastern adept.”

Lord Lanto, during his embodiment as the Yellow Emperor, laid the foundations for the macrobiotic diet in his teachings on Chinese medicine, the “Nei Ching.”

While studying at the Kushi Institute in Boston, in 1987, Jennie gave Lords of the Seven Rays book to macrobiotic expert Steven Acuff who was visiting from Sweden to lecture at the institute. Steven read the book on the way back to Sweden, contacted TSL and became a Keeper of the Flame. Mother subsequently invited Steven to give more than 50 hours of lectures in King Arthur’s Court between 1992 and 1996. In a dictation following one of Steven’s first KAC lecture sessions, Hercules mentioned “the expert that I have sent” to teach us about healthy eating. Afterward, Mother confirmed to Steven that Hercules indeed meant him!

Jennie offered a copy of Steven Acuff’s revised book to her students as part of the $75 course cost. His book—which contains an additional six chapters more than the 2014 edition—is also available by calling Anneli Chapin in the TSL bookstore at 406-848-9746.

One student said, “The cooking class was so fantastic for me. It was a tremendous joy to my heart and reorganized my thinking about lifestyle, health and food preparation. I so enjoyed the happy community feeling of all of us discussing and working together. It was really worthwhile for me and it filled my heart with joy and enthusiasm. Thank you so much Jennie and Warren!”

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