Joy in the Violet Flame LIVE Video Retreat

A First of Its Kind!

By Linda Cruce Robin

Bozeman MT violet flame event

In a pioneering move, the Bozeman Community Teaching Center presented a live video retreat, Joy in the Violet Flame, which was broadcast to a worldwide audience. This live broadcast was the first of its kind for The Summit Lighthouse®.

The retreat was on June 3-5, 2016 from Bozeman’s Amethyst Chapel. Participants from around the United States were able to enjoy this retreat right in their own homes. There were also attendees from the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, and Sweden. In addition, the following teaching centers broadcast the retreat for their members: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Toronto.

Bozeman MT violet flame event yoga session

There were workshops on how the Violet Planet was saved, how to become a Great Central Sun Magnet, the development of one’s own individual and scientific victory plan, and innovative ways to give the Violet Flame. Workshop attendees even participated in Violet Flame Yoga given by professional instructors Yana Pasternak and Juan Cohen.

The principal retreat presenters were Region 2 minister, Rev. Carla Healy and TSL’s Outreach Department Team Leader Bridget Hansard. Bozeman community member, Colleen Messina gave a demonstration of how the Violet Flame works from a scientific perspective. The retreat included group discussions, and those on the internet broadcast were able to email in their questions and comments.

To see photo and video highlights of this groundbreaking retreat, as well as a message from our TSL/CUT President, Reverend Valerie McBride, see

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