Rain of True Prosperity in Santo Domingo

by Deisy De los Santos

Santo Domingo outreach prosperity and abundance seminar

The Dominican Republic has seen weeks of heavy rain, which has made more than one remember the seasonal feature of May. A different rain adorned the city of Santo Domingo, on May 8 when the Teaching Center of our church in this country held the spring conference for the expansion of the Ascended Masters teachings. This time, we shared with the general public, the conference entitled Secrets of True Prosperity.

Santo Domingo outreach lecture

108 people attended this event. The audience was comprised of 83 adults, five youngsters, 19 children, and one baby.

An hour before starting the conference, one of the hotel employees said that “These are things of God, all these days has rained heavily; today was raining and look now the sun, radiant, no puddles on the streets, nor the trees are wet!” Besides, he told us that he liked our prayers very much and asked us what religion we belong. To this, we replied that we are Christians who respect all religions of the world.

Santo Domingo children's program

Santo Domingo children's programWe also offered a program for children, our children’s ICO; this wonderful group continues to grow for the glory of God. This time, our program was divided into two parts. In the first part, we shared with children The Parable of the Talents and at the second part we explained the I AM Presence and the seven major chakras.

Within the group, three children with special needs attended. One of them in the first part of the story was talking all the time; he could not concentrate. It seemed he was trying to issue a comment, but was not understood. This same child at the moment of starting the explanation of the I AM Presence, he suddenly stopped and leaned forward totally engrossed listening to the explanation until concluded. It was wonderful to see that magical moment of recognition of that little soul with the image of her true reality and spiritual anatomy.

Santo Domingo children's program

At the end of the conference, we invite the audience to go through our library and enjoy a healthy snack. Another beautiful mission accomplished with love for the Light of God shines more brightly in the hearts and minds of this community of the Holy Spirit.

Santo Domingo children's program

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  1. Hi Deisy,

    How wonderful to have the hearts and manpower to cater for all ages – congratulations of your victorious program.

    Blessings, Pamela.

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