Southeast Asia Trip 2016 Report, Part 2

By Revs. Carla Healy and Ana Maria Dean

Visit to Taiwan

Workshop, Secrets of Alchemy from Saint Germain – March 19

Taiwan, Alchemy of Saint Germain workshop

Saint Germain said in 1975, “I tell you, children of the light, if you lose Taiwan, you will lose the greatest concentration of lightbearers per square mile in any part of the earth. There is no greater concentration. They are there in the white fire core for the victory. And I tell you, the race of Chin will be lost if they are lost; for they must roll back the darkness of the mainland and free the people from these fallen ones.”

We were very happy to arrive in Taipei on March 18. There is a sense of peace, purity and prosperity. The people are very friendly and helpful. Because rock music and popular Western culture have not made deep inroads, you don’t experience the same bombardment of the senses as in most other countries.

Carla at Alchemy of Saint Germain workshop

Carla had prepared a one-day workshop entitled “Secrets of Alchemy by Saint Germain” which was based on the “Secrets of Prosperity” workshop that she was giving in Vietnam. Attendees also received a summary of the dictations about Taiwan.

Twenty-one people attended the workshop in a room near the New Buddha bookstore. We started by asking attendees to introduce themselves and where they were from. Some had traveled as far as southern Taiwan to attend the workshop.

We both shared in teaching the nine secrets of alchemy. This is a very practical workshop with exercises, reflection, decrees and meditations. Participants also learned about the Science of the Spoken Word, violet flame and their I AM Presence.

Even though these subjects were taught last year, each year there is a greater understanding and appreciation of the teachings and especially the great gift of the violet flame. The students gave the decrees with full concentration and intensity in both English and Chinese. Most of them have a momentum on meditation, so they are very focused when they decree.

Taiwan - Anna Maria treasure mapping

Ana Maria taught treasure mapping and the students loved making a sample PowerPoint treasure map for a young family to buy a condo. We had prepared slides with different images and masters for them to choose for their treasure map. Doing this really helped them to understand the alchemy of treasure mapping and was a lot of fun.

Carla, Hui-ching and Anna Maria
Carla, Hui-ching and Anna Maria
Hui-ching who is studying to get her masters in psychology was our translator and did an excellent job as always. She found the teachings in Vancouver, British Columbia which is one of the three amethyst dots of Saint Germain with Taipei and Mexico City.

The day culminated with a beautiful dictation by Gautama Buddha about the divine mother, the emerald matrix third eye blessing and a group photo.

Visit to Vietnam

It was very fitting that we were in Vietnam during Easter week because there is a large Catholic and Christian population due to the French presence in the 19th and 20th centuries. vietnam-tai-chiThe very large cathedrals were overflowing with people on to the streets and Easter hymns could be heard over the ever-present traffic noise. You also find many Buddhist and Kuan Yin temples throughout Vietnam.

The Vietnamese are very spiritual people who are finding themselves as a nation after many years of colonial rule and civil war. They are very industrious, kind, loving and open to new ideas. I believe they are a bridge between east and west as depicted in the tai chi symbol of their country that was shared with Carla by our host on a mango farm Nanh took us to visit.

Dinner Gathering with Vietnamese Communicants – March 23

Carla and Anna-Maria with Vietnam communicants

Nanh and Mr. Triem, two of the four communicants who were initiated in 2010, invited us to dinner Wednesday evening. We traveled by taxi and had our first experience of the unique driving habit of the Vietnamese of backing up into oncoming traffic to get to the entrance to the temple. We were greeted by a giant statue of Kuan Yin overshadowing the temple and the restaurant.

It was a joyful reunion with our members who had attended the retreat Carla held in 2010 in Vung Tau. Mr. Triem has been teaching the Keepers lessons over the years which had been translated into Vietnamese by Dinh, a doctor who also attended the dinner. We enjoyed a delicious vegetarian buffet.

Introductory Workshop – March 24

On Thursday night Carla held a “meet and greet” with the Keepers to see how they were doing and to invite them to the retreat. It turned into a study group about the violet flame. About fifteen people attended. Some were new to the teachings and some attendees decided to come to the weekend retreat.

Tools for Self-Mastery Retreat – March 26-27

Taiwan, Tools for Self-Mastery Retreat 2016

“Tools for Self-Mastery” was designed to provide the students with practical teaching on relationships, charting their karma using the cosmic clock and secrets of prosperity.

Vietnam - Tools for Self-Mastery Vietnam - Tools for Self-MasteryThese topics were chosen after getting feedback from our Vietnamese contact, Keeper of the Flame Thuy Nguyen. He emphasized that the teachings needed to be very practical.

About twenty-seven people attended over the two days. The topic of the first day of the retreat was “10 Keys to Finding a Higher Love.” Sarah Rowe adapted the ICO lecture of the same name to a one-day workshop by adding some additional teaching materials and fun activities. The students really liked this workshop and had a lot of questions about the three different types of relationships.

Vietnam workshopThey were also given the assignment to form six groups and each group was asked to create a skit about one of the three types of relationships and then the audience had to guest which type of relationship they were demonstrating. Vietnam workshop

One skit demonstrated the creating of twin flames. Another showed a very karmic relationship with a husband bullying his wife. You can be sure there were some laughs and enjoyment.

The students also enjoyed the activity of having to stand on a sheet and then turn it over without taking their feet off the sheet. Some groups did this very quickly while others took longer. It was revealing to them to discuss the dynamics of their groups as they related to the different types of relationships.

On Easter Sunday Carla opened with a teaching on the meaning of Easter and Jesus’ mission and message from the ascended masters’ perspective. Then we had a good decree sessions and launched into the Cosmic Clock with lots of hands on work in creating their own cosmic clock. Again there were lots of questions. An epiphany moment came when they realized that there were three ways to balance karma and that the violet flame was the fastest and least painful.

Vietnam workshop

The afternoon topic was Secrets of Prosperity. It included reflection exercises, decrees, meditation and group activities to help them experience and practice the 8 secrets of prosperity. This workshop also included two video movie clips from the life of Jesus which were another link to Jesus and Easter. The students finished up the workshop by creating a group treasure map on a PowerPoint slide. They too chose the family with two children to get the condo and appreciated very much learning how to use this very practical tool.

Vietnam workshop meditation

These students were also seasoned meditators as in Taiwan so they were very focused and diligent when they decreed.

The afternoon ended with the dictation by Gautama Buddha and the emerald matrix blessing. In preparation for the dictation, the students went into deep meditation with some choosing to sit in the lotus or semi-lotus positions on the floor.

It was wonderful to reconnect with the Keepers and students who had attended last year’s retreat. They were so very appreciative that we had returned. They recognize the preciousness of the teachings and the efficacy of the science of the spoken word and the violet flame.

Vietnam workshop

Our Southeast Asia tour was very fruitful and victorious by the grace of God, Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, the Messengers and the prayers and support of staff and Keepers of the Flame. This is an up and coming area of the planet with lots of potential for expanding the teachings.

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  1. Wonderful work! I am so gratified or hear of the lovely students in Taiwan and Vietnam Nam. May they be blessed and blessed.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing your workshop experience in Taiwan and Vietnam Nam. I loved all the photos especially the group picture. What beautiful bothers and sister we have in those two countries.

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