Southeast Asia Trip 2016 Report, Part 1

By Revs. Carla Healy and Ana Maria Dean

Visit to the Philippines

Presentation at Saint Mary’s Angels School of Valenzuela, March 8

Saint Mary's Angels School, Philippines

Sheila and Carla at Saint Mary's Angels SchoolOne thousand students attend Saint Mary’s Angels School owned by the family of Keeper of the Flame Sheila Dayrit. Saint Germain is very important to Sheila because when she needed money to build a new building for the school, Saint Germain helped her get the funds so she named the building after Saint Germain. Sheila invited Carla to give a lecture to her administrators about Saint Germain and the violet flame.

Saint Mary's Angels SchoolThe building which is not fully operational yet houses classrooms, offices, a chapel with an ascended master altar and a 1000 person auditorium where Carla spoke to the administrators. Every day the students at the school give prayers to Archangel Michael and violet flame decrees. Sheila’s two head administrators shared with us at breakfast how much the violet flame has helped them in working with parents. Sheila attended SU and is planning to attend the July conference and is bringing a friend from California.

Saint Mary's Angels School
Saint Mary’s Angels School

Summit University – Understanding Yourself Part 1, March 11-13

Summit University in the Philippines

Summit University was held in a lovely traditional Filipino hotel, The Legends. The ballroom had the feeling of an ascended master retreat and was crowned by the beautiful altar and almost life-size statues of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. For two and a half days we felt like we entered the etheric realm.

Summit University in the Philippines 2016Sixty-nine attendees (12 new students and 6 almost new students) were thoroughly nourished by the word of the messenger and masters and uplifted by the Light and decrees. Everyone received the workbook and a copy of Advanced Studies in Understanding Yourself that the study group published especially for the event.

Attendees remarked how very practical and profound the teachings were and particularly appreciated the opportunity to process the information from the eight units in their discussion groups. SU - Philippines, AV crewThese groups also helped strengthen the sense of community. They also enjoyed calling out the answers to the fill-in-the-blank exercises and the reflection exercises and doing the meditations.

Here are some comments from the student evaluations:

  • Liked most “the multiple effective ways of delivering the teachings on “Understanding Yourself.”
  • “Found it very enriching as a whole, especially the spiritual side.”
  • “The seminar helped me to let go of fear and doubt that troubled me at this hour/time.”
  • “The teachings/lessons may seem easy and not new but they are very profound. They are also very applicable to my life as I struggle with irritability and almost every time (because of traffic jams and uneducated drivers)…I also enjoyed the group discussions because we got to learn and pick up new things from our group mates and without pressure or fear that you might give a wrong answer. Everyone seems so nice, even more so when you hear them speak of their personal experiences on the Path. They’re inspiring. I do hope I can sustain this enthusiasm to understand myself and improve my lot with the Masters and Angels’ help.”
  • “Had I known the depth of the content of each day’s topic, I would have invited more people…next year.”
  • “My soul is very, very grateful for this experience. I’m so looking forward to Part 2!”

SU Philippines 2016

Major Go (formerly General Go) has been a staunch supporter of the The Summit Lighthouse in the Philippines over the years. This year she sent two of her employees from San Enrique, Iloilo who were new to the teachings. They told us they now understand why Major Go asked them to play decrees quietly on their laptops in City Hall. SU really opened their minds and gave them a deep appreciation of the teachings.

Philippines youth group officersThere is an active youth group in the Philippines and we both enjoyed a lively lunch with them on Sunday. Around twelve members of the youth group attended SU. They all introduced themselves and Mark Lagarile, president of the youth group gave an inspiring, Holy Spirit witness of the teachings that everyone really appreciated. An outcome of this meeting was that Marian Alonso offered her home in Batangas for a team building retreat which is planned for April 12, 2016.

Philippines-familiesSeven children were staying at the hotel and enjoying the pool while their parents/relatives attended SU. Carla took the opportunity to share teachings about the I AM Presence and lead them in a heart meditation and decrees. They really entered into these practices with their whole heart.

This SU was so well received that the board is already making plans for “Understanding Yourself, Part 2” next year.

Trip to San Enrique, Iloilo – March 14-17

iloilo-1Every Monday at 4:30 am Major Go flies from Manila to the island of Iloilo to begin her work week. This week Carla, Ana Maria and Rebecca Cabrera were her guests. Once we arrived in Iloilo, a one hour Filipino-style drive (horn honking at tricycles, driving as fast as possible and weaving around slow moving traffic) brought us to Major Go’s family home on the square in San Enrique. There we were served a delicious Filipino breakfast in Palabrica Hall at the back of her home.

Iloilo - City HallSuddenly Major Go announced that she had to be at the City Hall at 8:00 am. Carla and Rebecca accompanied her and witnessed the weekly flag raising and speeches for all city employees and the police force in front of City Hall. Everyone gave the pledge for the city which included values of honesty and honor and sang the anthem for San Enrique. The vice major spoke briefly, a couple employees gave reports and finally a rousing speech by the major in their native tongue and English. She acknowledged her guests from America and spoke about family and spiritual values.

Major in her officeAfter visiting the major’s office we boarded the San Enrique van and headed to the beach. After driving another hour we arrived in Concepion, bought provisions and boarded a boat for the Sand Bar Resort, a simple campsite on an island off Iloilo.Concepion beach There we caught up on our sleep and got some much needed R&R.

We returned Wednesday morning to San Enrique to attend an Inter-faith meeting in Palabrica Hall in the home of Major Go. Carla was one of the five guest speakers from the local churches. The theme of the meeting was, “He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.” (Proverbs 21:21) Carla explained the Chart of the Presence, the violet flame and introduced Archangel Michael and had people giving “I AM a being of violet fire…” and Traveling Protection.

interfaith meetingThe living standard and economy of San Enrique have improved substantially since Major Go took office two and half years ago. Major Go has also been working to raise consciousness and improve values.

A year ago she invited the monks of the Middle Way Meditation Institute to teach people to meditate. Forty monks were sent from their headquarters in Thailand to stay for one month to teach meditation to citizens of the 28 counties of San Enrique. This visit culminated on the full moon in August 2015, when 10,000 flaming candles where held in a meditation for inner peace This endeavor was led by the Venerable Burin Thitakusalo who spends 50% of his time in the Philippines and the rest of the time traveling to promote “The Light of Peace.”

Major Go arranged for Carla and Ana Maria to meet Venerable Burin on Wednesday night. He shared his beliefs and their goal to have 1 billion people participate in the inner peace meditation. He showed them pictures of their center in Thailand where 1 million people gather on the full moon to give the inner peace meditation. We both shared teachings on the violet flame with him and how we have a similar goal to spread the violet flame. Venerable Burin expressed an interest in visiting the Inner Retreat and learning more about the violet flame.

Carla and Ana Maria also gave a presentation on the teachings in Palabrica Hall that evening to Major Go and her family, friends, Keepers of the Flame and invitees. They were very appreciative.

Gathering with the Members of the Summit Lighthouse of the Philippines Focus – March 17

Summit Lighthouse of the PhilippinesThursday evening happy members gathered to hear an astrology update, give decrees and learn about treasure mapping and say their goodbyes to both of us. As usual a delicious meal was served and fellowship was joyful and special as we knew we wouldn’t be back together again for another year. After Ana Maria gave the group some tips on decreeing, Carla gave the group the assignment to step up their decrees in intensity and focus. We also felt it would be good to teach treasure mapping. Ana Maria has a lot of experience of successfully making treasure maps and the group appreciated her comments based on her personal experience.

The group has now embarked on an extensive follow-up plan of classes and ongoing spiritual education.

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