The Sweetness of Jesus

By Imma Binnie

In the fall of 1991 I went to the fall conference in New Orleans with a friend, called the Class of the Golden Cycle. We prepared for a day of teachings, decrees and dictations.

We came to the Hilton hotel where the conference was held and I bought a bottle of fruit juice before going into the auditorium. I thought a bit of sweet juice would give me enough energy to keep me going through the day.

Jesus statue at CamelotWe were into the program when the dictation of Jesus had started which I had been looking forward to so much! During the dictation I decided to take a sip of fruit juice. As soon as I tasted the juice (I had not had this brand before), I realized it was way too sweet and it irritated my throat, which started to close up. I had experienced this before and knew that I had to very loudly gasp for breath a few times to get over this. But we were in the middle of a dictation given by Jesus!

I involuntary gave one gasp for breath and in shock put my hand over my mouth and suppressed any other action my body wanted to take. The people around me all turned in shock as well and asked if I was all right. I nodded. I looked around to see if I could get out of the auditorium without disrupting the dictation and realized the exits were too far away!

I decided to not breathe anymore and to pass out. I thought that my muscles would automatically relax in that condition and I would breathe again. I was making a very clear statement in my mind that I would not disturb Jesus in giving his dictation and rather pass out. I saw Mother walk to the right side of the stage, closer to where I was sitting, and Jesus had stopped talking. Suddenly there was a Presence over me which was so loving, full of Light and warmth, it was like bathing in the arms of God. My throat muscles relaxed immediately and I could breathe again.

I knew Jesus was with me as the shepherd taking care of his sheep in need, and not wanting any to be lost! Thank you Jesus, there are no words to express my gratitude for your love and all you have done for me in this live and many lives before!

When the dictation continued again he said: “Sweetness is indeed the taste of the Living Christ Flame. Taste, then, the essence of myself. Know this is the portion also of your Holy Christ Self.” (Vol. 34 No. 66)

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