Violet Flame Testimony

By Doug King

Doug King, violet flame testimonialA few years ago, I rededicated myself to God and the Ascended Masters after seeing the pain and suffering that my fellow man is enduring. I had stepped away from the Church after miserably failing a test and it took me many years for my bruised soul to recover. About two years ago, while catching up on what I had missed, I read the Pearl of Wisdom (Vol. 41 No. 36), Now Is the Hour for a Great Leap in Consciousness dictation, by the Three Kings, (El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul).

What they said in no uncertain terms was that now is the time to do two hours of Violet Flame every day, and I immediately thought “Yes, this I will do!”. I have not looked back.

I wish to tell all my fellow Keepers of the Flame that you too can dedicated yourself to decree the Violet Flame for two hours each day. You will truly wonder why you did not do this before. The scrubbing out of karma and all the ‘dense soot’ between your cells, all the records of discord and misqualification of Gods energy will open up new worlds for you. It has allowed me to open up my heart and I now know that I AM truly on my way. This is the greatest gift I have been given.

The Violet Flame will hand you the keys to your own heart, which in turn will greatly qualify your decrees, which will burn in your heart, and propel you to your Holy Christ Self. We have been taught this, and it is true.

I involved myself with the church because I recognized that it could lead me to a greater communion with God. I can only assume that this is true for you also. If this is what you truly desire, I am here to tell you that giving more Violet Flame each day will introduce you to a much closer communion and increased awareness of your I AM Presence. Even from my dawning viewpoint, my little seat, it is unsurpassed beauty.

I would love to share with you the mystical experiences I have been blessed with, but you will have your own, and your heart will sing!

Please know that you can find those two hours but I will admit that I have to do some juggling and rearranging of my time every once in a while. I give the Violet Flame, sometimes for an hour or more and sometimes for five minutes or less if that is the opportunity handed to me. I carry a stop watch so I can keep track. I have made it my top priority each day.

God Bless you All in your journey, and remember, it is all about the Heart.

A fellow Keeper of the Flame.

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